Chris Nahon's LADY BLOODFIGHT Rumbles Online With A New Behind The Scenes Featurette

Actress and martial artist Amy Johnston once sparked the internet with a conceptual action sequence choreographed by James Young in 2012. Since then, her budding stunt career has rightly taken off while others in more advantageous positions began taking notice, namely over at Voltage Pictures as of a few years ago for Johnston's now forthcoming lead debut in Kiss Of The Dragon helmer Chris Nahon's new thriller, Lady Bloodfight.

Bey Logan's script casts Johnston in the role of Jane, a troubled backpacker in Hong Kong who incidentally becomes the prospect of a Wudang champion for an underground martial arts tournament, ultimately pitting her against opponents both in the ring, and hidden in the shadows. Johnston stands among a plurality of talented female screenfighters for this one as the film finally comes to fruition since developing several years ago as a female-centric loose remake of the 1988 Van Damme classic, Bloodsport.

We're still a ways to go for the film, but it's good to see things materialize and hopefully as a masterful comeback for Nahon since Nahon last sat at the helm to adapt anime/manga favorite, Blood: The Last Vampire in 2008. Alas, it's a new year and with things on track, Nahon has released a behind-the-scenes featurette with a look at a key sequence from the film with the crew on hand, including Nahon and action director Hung Yan Yan keeping things tight on set. Check it out.


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