Check Out The Trailer For The 6th OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU FEST At NYC's Metrograph!

Live in New York City? Love cult Asian action classics? Got some free time on your hands in the next few weeks? Then consider yourself properly met in the criteria for the forthcoming 6th Old School Kung Fu Fest which is being held from April 8 through 10, and with a plurality of amazing titles from the Golden Harvest library you're more than welcome to catching on the big screen at the Metrograph in New York City come showtime!
Subway Cinema, the crew behind the legendary New York Asian Film Festival (now in its 15th year), is teaming up with Metrograph to unleash the 6th edition of the annual Old School Kung Fu Fest (OSKFF), which celebrates the rarest, wildest, and most incredible martial arts and action cinema from the sixties to the nineties. Declared “an intensely amazing event” (Badass Digest) and a “kick-ass fest” (Time Out New York), this year’s OSKFF will focus on the output of Golden Harvest, which took over from Shaw Brothers as Hong Kong’s leading film studio in the late 1970s and all through the 1990s, and which introduced the talents of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Sammo Hung to the wider international audience, revolutionizing action cinema in the process. Program will include rare 35mm prints of Pedicab Driver (1989), The Man from Hong Kong (1975), Rumble in the Bronx (1995), and more. 
The hype has been building for a few weeks now but tickets are on sale while they last. In the meantine, the new festival trailer is up and running which sums things up nicely. Take a look!

H/T: Indiewire


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