MGM To Re-Remake THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, Michael B. Jordan To Star

There's no director or writer attached, but THR is reporting that MGM is preparing to remake another classic title now with a reworking of The Thomas Crown Affair. What's more is that the studio's latest prospect, Creed star Michael B. Jordan is tapped to lead the film based on the 1968 hesit flick from director Norman Lewison.

Steve McQueen starred in the title role in the original film opposite actress Faye Dunaway in the story of a billionaire businessman/career thief who ensues a romance with a beautiful insurance investigator when his latest heist lands him on her radar. Director John McTiernan remade the film with a different ending in 1999 at the time with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo headlining.

The report cites the film's news as a sign of confidence in Jordan who led the way for Fruitvale Station helmer Ryan Coogler's sophomore directorial offering, Creed, to box office fruition in late 2015, paving the way for post-Rocky franchise potential. The studio has tentatively stamped a November 2017 release date for that very film with the likelihood of a new director while Coogler moves forward at the helm on Black Panther for Marvel.

As for The Thomas Crown Affair revival, it's early days but the film does guarantee more fandom for the actor whose brush with an unceremonious Marvel film at Fox last year appears not to have left a dent. Good times.

Stay tuned.


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