Louis Koo To Star In A Third STORM RIDERS Film, Wilson Yip May Direct

A little over a year ago, comic book creator Ma Wing-Shing took to a more different approach in unveiling the finale to his 25-year old wuxia franchise, The Storm Riders. It was a mark of achievement for the auteur as much as it was a strategical move in the wake of piracy's stronghold over digital and print media, although with any luck, this won't be all we hear of its film counter parts.

The popular comic book series became a household name with protagonists, Wind and Cloud as its central characters, later adapted for the big screen by director Andrew Lau and released in 1998 from Golden Harvest. Sonny Chiba played antagonist opposite leading men Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok in the title roles as two very different, gifted pugilists who eventually join forces against the warlord who killed their fathers in the name of his own conquest.

The film proved hugely ambitious for its time with lackluster special effects and creature design that paled in comparison to the Pang Brothers's 2009 reboot, The Storm Warriors, a notable bookmark in Chinese film history as the first to go in-studio a la blue-screen. Universe Films acquired the rights with Cheng and Kwok reprising their roles opposite actor Simon Yam, in a story that eventually led to a climatic battle between our two heroes.

Say what you will of the end because it's not exactly made clear what exactly happens. That said, whatever does occur in the events thereafter could be foretold in a third installment according to MTime and various other outlets. Cheng and Kwok are not yet confirmed to return although bustling producer as of late, actor Louis Koo is set to be involved in a starring capacity that will reunite him with Flash Point helmer Wilson Yip.

TV and anime spin-offs were introduced between the first two films, although the Pangs' second was a blast, and I've been curious to see if that film would ever get answered for. At any rate, The Storm Warriors is still the new standard bearer with production expected to commence this summer, so presumably, the visuals will be just as stunning with a story ample in its hopeful delivery.

Koo is currently slated to appear in several upcoming titles this year, including Johnnie To's Three and Election 3, Benny Chan's The Deadly Reclaim and Koan Hui and Vernie Yeung's League Of Gods.

H/T: Asian Film Strike, Said Chaou, Cesar Alejandro Jr. (FilmSmash)


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