Kosugi Father And Son To Reteam For "Big" Mystery Martial Arts Project

The kind folks over at Arrow Video have been doing quite good by their viewership in the last several months, specifically toward fans of classic ninja cinema with Kosugi Sho classics, Pray For Death and next month's Blu-Ray release, Rage Of Honor. The late Gordon Hessler, who directed both titles, was to follow up with Sho for a fourth film reunion before Hessler passed away in 2014, and now it appears things may have taken a turn upward since.

Arrow's latest interviews with the longstanding action star and recent co-star of Ninja Assassin (2009) have since lended them exclusive knowledge of two projects now brewing - an English-language biography and another that's only been described as a big budget martial arts movie in which the youngest of his two sons, actor and stuntman Kosugi Shane will star. “We put together a screenplay, but I can’t tell you too much about it." he says. "But, it’s big studio, big budget. It’s very interesting. But unfortunately, he [Hessler] passed away a couple of years ago. But in memory of our relationship, I’ll definitely make this big budget movie,”.

The longstanding action thesp also stated that the film be more practical in its approach to the fights. “Nowadays, everything is CG." he says. "That’s why my next movie – with my son and myself – will be very good. The main fighting sequence won’t have CG at all. Great fighting sequence. We can show my skill and my son’s skill.”

As it stands, the project ultimately serves as a milestone for Shane who has appeared along with brother, Kane, in several of their father's earlier films the 1980's when ninja cinema was at its most popular, including the aforementioned Arrow titles. Shane would still dabble in small roles whilst spending a few years competing on the hit sports elimination show, SASUKE (pre-Ninja Warrior), while Kane's career trajectory became evident and more prominent over time with starring roles in films such as Shimoyama Ten's martial arts action thriller, Muscle Heat, Kitamuara Ryuhei's Godzilla: Final Wars, and Isaac Florentine's hit 2013 martial arts romp, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear opposite action star Scott Adkins.

Filming for the new movie is expected to take place in Japan, as well as Los Angeles, California. Obviously there will be more to this in the months ahead, but as light on information as this update is, the fact that it's coming straight from a mainstay of 80's American cult ninjutsu film lore is quite promising.

Mark your calendars for March 15 for Arrow Video's re-release of Rage Of Honor, and be sure to acquire your copy of Pray For Death which is now available from Arrow Video.


  1. Hell yeah! Revenge of the Ninja will always be one of my all time favs, so it's nice to hear Sho & his son doing another Ninja film together :-)


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