Hayate Turns LA Upside Down In The New Teaser For KARATE KILL

Director Mitsutake Kurando wagers some of his best and most outstanding vision for a film, and anyone who's seen his most recent work, Gun Woman, knows this. Since, then he's got quite a feat happening with his latest production, Karate Kill, debuting actor Hayate in the role of a mysterious man who paves a warpath on the streets of L.A. in search of his missing sister.

A release date hasn't yet been set as plans are in motion to get the film rolling in the market and festival circuit. In the meantime, Mitsutake finally unveiled a teaser over the weekend and as you're about to see with action design courtesy of Gun Woman fight coordinator Babuchi Keita, Hayate proves his mettle in a fight sequence that does the film title justice.

Note the cast in the teaser as well with Gun Woman star Asami, actress Sakura Mana and actor Sakurai David of Echoes Of A Ronin fame, also starring.


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