J.C. Chandor To Remake German Crime Thriller Adaptation, THE ROBBER

Director J.C. Chandor's 80's-set 2014 crime drama, A Most Violent Year, didn't carry a lot of weight at the box office, a primarily unfair fact given its heavy support among critics by and large. That said, fans of Chandor's work can expect more in the coming year with updates pending for his next venture, The Robber, based on author Martin Prinz's Austrian 2002 novel and subsequent 2010 adaptation with director and co-writer Benjamin Heisenberg.

FilmNation Entertainment, who backed Chandor's 2014 film are reteaming with the director to finance and sell worldwide. Writer Chase Palmer will adapt the screenplay inspired by Heiseburg's own iteration of Prinz's book which, in turn, was loosely inspired by the real life story of a talented marathon runner who cunningly used races to cloak his bank robberies, several of which are listed in his innumerate crimes, including murder.

via The Wrap:
“Growing the scope and scale of Benjamin’s extremely original film into a kinetic, elevated action-thriller is exciting for us to undertake with our new partners in Europe and our friends at FilmNation,” Dodson said. “We’ll be using the film, the novella and the true story it’s based on to make a smart, fast-paced and extremely entertaining movie”
Heisenberg's film initially made its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2010 and filmmakers have been keeping an eye on it since then. Now with Chandor at the helm, it's good to know there's a director on hand with enough critical clout for film hopefuls to give confidence to.

Chandor will produce the film along with Neal Dodson and Anna Gerb while literary fanatics more keen on English publications will find Prinz's book in the form of Mike Mitchell's 2005 translation. "On The Run" courtesy of Deadalus Books.


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