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Thursday, December 31, 2015

STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION Kicks Into 2016 With A New Poster

If there was ever a series to look forward to in the months to come, then you can thank hit director Joey Ansah for any sentiments you may share in that vicinty for the upcoming go90 March premiere of spin-off program, Street Fighter: Resurrection. The new miniseries now has an official poster continuing the first of several impressive images showcasing our characters, principally with actor and martial artist Alain Moussi debuting in the role of Charlie Nash, back from the dead and taking down numerous competitors one by one. Check it out!

Happy Belated Birthday To GOD OF WAR Co-Star Jiang Luxia!

I spent my Christmas weekend catching up on quite a few titles, including Hung Yan Yan's 2008 directorial effort, Coweb (unfortunately granted the U.S. title of Ninja Masters by Lionsgate). The film wasn't exactly the best I've seen save for some of the amazing action sequences, but it's certainly a milestone for actress Jiang Luxia who has continued starring in a fair share of actioners in one role another.

Time Travel Thriller, FATAL COUNTDOWN: RESET, Officially Underway With Jackie Chan Supervising

At long last with a slate of vague viral posters and a teaser now making the rounds, the forthcoming sci-fi thriller, Fatal Countdown: Reset is officially underway from director Chang. Jackie Chan, the most prolific of the crew is on board according to Variety in a "supervisory executive role" for the new Korea/China production that joins actress Mini Yang and actor Wallace Huo in the story of a scientist on a mission to rescue her son from a kidnapper holding him hostage in exchange for her time travel technology.

Santa Sammo Celebrates Christmas With Two New Posters For THE BODYGUARD

Sadly we're still left in the dark regarding action star Sammo Hung's upcoming action adventure thriller, The Bodyguard. There's still no release date or any other details about this film, while its also one title I'm specifically trying to keep an eye on for a 2016 release; I dread that this film ends up spilling into 2017 for some reason.

FIVE A DAY: Ring In The New Year With These Heavy Hitters!

At long last, we've come to the last day of 2015 and we have ten more titles to list by Friday. Once more, quite a few of these are just here as worthy reminders as some of these titles tend to fall into obscurity until something major happens, so I'm glad to help keep the attention going for these and rest assured, I'll be tracking other titles as always. So, here is the next slate of my Five-A-Day round-up!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Get Locked Up With Dolph Lundgren In The New Trailer For LARCENY

Action star Dolph Lundgren is still kicking his fair share of butt in the coming year with a few more titles, namely Misfire helmer R. Ellis Frazier's newest, Larceny. There's no release date as of yet but it's a sure guarantee for any Dolph fan in its substance and authenticity, specifically with regard to its partial on-location filming at "El Hongo" maximum security prison in Baja, Mexico. How's that for an immersive film experience?

Women Strike More Than A Pose In The New Trailer For Helfi Kardit's TEN: THE SECRET MISSION

Guardian helmer Helfi Kardit is following up with yet another female-centric bit of action fanfare slated for next year. Ten: The Secret Mission is the name with a script that focuses on a team of sexy women hired to do much more than look pretty in front of the camera.

FIVE A DAY: A Look Into Some Indie Actioners For 2016

2015 is winding down by the hour as we inch closer to a new year full of new beginnings, and even moreso, new films and even some of those tend to fall into obscurity. Well, I'm here to help try and fix that just a smidget with another list of five titles adding to the ten I've already covered; believe you me, if I could cover them all, I certainly would.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


As marketing rolls onward for director Yuen Woo-Ping's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny, we now have a slate of new international poster art making the rounds which you can view below. The film is already a priority for many fans waiting to see what comes of this latest reunion between Yuen, and cast members Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh, and for good reason as the first film is a commercially and critically acclaimed feat.

Shane Warren Jones Fight Drama, FIGHT TO THE FINISH, Gets A DVD Release Date

Following last summer's first look trailer for Warren Sheppard's directorial debut, Fight To The Finish, the film is finally slated for a home release date on February 2. It's actor Shane Warren Jones's latest lead role following his previous stint in the first season of Mortal Kombat Legacy with a career that ultimately aims to embolden his craft toward more drama as an actor capable of many feats.

Michael Fassbender Does Dual Roles In New ASSASSIN'S CREED Photos

It's about that time now as we sit a year away from the forthcoming release of Assassin's Creed - the live action adaptation of the longstanding game franchise. As such, Entertainment Weekly and Empire Magazine are just two of the sources so far dishing out the first of several looks at actor Michael Fassbender in dual roles next to actress Marion Cotillard following their most recent pairing in Kurzel's MacBeth this year.

FIVE A DAY: Here Are Five More Titles To Look Up In 2016!

It's Tuesday, and that means I have five more titles to offer as my top list of titles I've rounded down to as priority for 2016, and as you're about to see, this one's for the Donnie and Sammo fans. You can click here to view Monday's first five, and remember that these are in no way listed in any particular order.

Monday, December 28, 2015

BLACK SALT Spices Things Up In The Newest Trailer For The Shortfilm

There's not much to report just yet on Blood And Bone helmer Ben Ramsey's latest action short, Black Salt. For what it's worth though, the prospects are looking quite grand following its stellar debut at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo last month which could ultimately lead to movies or television.

And Now...A Word From DEADPOOL

Nolan's July 2017 Date Gets A Movie Title With WWII Action Thriller, DUNKIRK

Director Christopher Nolan's hyped July 21, 2017 Warner Bros. date for his next film - hyped initially in September, is still up in the air. However, certain signs including French news articles in the last few months are now pointing to the forthcoming May 2016 production of his newest venture, the action adventure war thriller, Dunkirk.

Gbenga Akinnagbe Lands The Lead For Prison Boxing Biopic, HEART BABY!

Remember what I said about all there being no shortage of boxing movies anytime soon? Well, take a look at Angela Shelton who is now ready to add to that growing list of titles readying throughout the next few years.

Mads Mikkelsen Joins DOCTOR STRANGE

Entertainment Weekly is kicking the week off to a proper start with a stunning reveal of actor Benedict Cumberbatch in costume for Scott Derrickson's latest, Marvel's Doctor Strange. The new photos now surfacing can be viewed here while EW also confirms the addition of actor Mads Mikkelsen in the role of the main villain.

FIVE A DAY: Here Are Some Titles To Look Forward To In 2016

As busy as my schedule is, there are a lot of films that I don't get to see at least right away - hell, as we speak, I've prioritized some titles from this year going into 2016 including Bone Tomahawk and The Hateful Eight. That said, there are definitely a few titles that I will be looking into next year for required viewing, and I will average at least five a day between now and New Year's Day in no specific order:

Sunday, December 27, 2015

There's Only One Way To Settle Things In The New Trailer For INSTANT DEATH

Actor Lou Ferrigno is back and hulking in the latest trailer for Skin Traffik helmer Ara Paiaya's latest, Instant Death. The film has slowly been making the rounds with a poster but it's safe to say a 2016 release may be imminent.

J.J. Abrams's STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Hits A Billion, Breaks Records Two Weeks In A Row

We are now two weeks into the release of J.J. Abrams's Star Wars: The Force Awakens and there's no kidding among anyone even before today who has stated this as the biggest movie in the world, even amid some early skepticism about the film's box office results. On Sunday in a move that was nothing short of an obvious truth, news broke that the new movie has earned a global estimate of $286.8 million globally ($153.5 million domestically and $133.3 million overseas) to officially hit $1.090 billion in 12 days, essentially beating out Universal Pictures's Jurassic World which did it in 13.

Screener Review: ANGELS (2012)

Director Wych Kaosayananda's craft took quite a turn overseas in the years since landing his first major Hollywood motion picture, Ballistic: Ecks VS Sever. It was a crowning achievement and a sign of better things to come prior to a challenging post-production process, and a career that eventually pivoted back overseas in Asia where he would ultimately start anew with the 2012 thriller, Angels.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS: New War, Same Stars, More Money For Disney!

Less than forty years and any number of prequels, book, toys, games and the like, Star Wars is still a thing. We love our Star Wars as much as we love breathing, eating and pooping, and this was definitely a good thing for Walt Disney Co. upon purchasing Lucasfilm, Ltd. several years ago and acquired all its Star Wars content.

Friday, December 25, 2015


The official Facebook homebase for filmmaker and actor Joey Ansah's campaign for better Street Fighter movies and shows is bustling once more on Christmas day in lieu of the upcoming miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection. A new photo has surfaced with actor Mike Moh back in a much more withered and worn gi with a stronger pair of Ansatsuken gloves to reprise his role as Ryu from the 2014 show, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Watch A New Promo For HiGH & LOW: The Story Of S.W.O.R.D.

Japanese pop music supergroup, Exile Tribe is currently making waves this month with the new series, HiGH & LOW: The Story Of S.W.O.R.D.. The series took off back in October as part of what's been billed wholly as the world's first comprehensive entertainment project courtesy of LDH, inc. in association with NTV, and they're not kidding either with a social media campaign in full bloom coupled with upcoming concert performances, and a television show that boasts some pretty slick gangster drama and cool action to enjoy.

Merry Christmas! Watch The New Trailers For DEADPOOL!

Ryan Reynolds pretty much won Christmas this season, thus it's fair to say the marketing has been pretty serious for his newest film, Deadpool. Alas, the newest trailers have arrived with at least one of them in the form of a Red-Band trailer chock-full of expletives, cockshots, exploding heads...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Celebrate Christmas By DEADPOOL's "Pool Log"!

On Thursday, fans are getting a new trailer for director Tim Miller's latest, Deadpool. Alas, the clock ticks as we countdown through to the "twelfth day of Deadpool" with 20th Century Fox spending perpetual amounts of attention and money to promote this R-rated bit of fanfare, thus heeding to the call of moviegoers who've long waited since 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Screener Review: SAMURAI COP 2: DEADLY VENGEANCE (2016)

Considering I'm in my thirties as I wrote this, I suppose the late director Amir Shervan's 1991 flop, Samurai Cop was something that I should already have seen by now. Well, I haven't. Point in fact I had only seen it in December of late 2015, and long after the hype train took off stemmimg from the imminent fascination surrounding actor Mathew Karedas's re-emergence from obscurity a few years ago.

Watch The Chilling New Trailer For Rob Hawk's COLD

Director Rob Hawk appears bent on turning some of today's talented female fighting athletes into notable screen actresses. No argument here of course, with MMA thriller Fight Valley right around the corner as we now approach Hawk's next venture, Cold with the UFC's own Felice Herrig making her debut.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bullets And Beer Over London In The New THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY Poster

If you're just tuning in, you've sadly been missing the onslaught of trailers that have been making the rounds for Louis Letterier's new film, The Brothers Grimsby. The comedy is obviously not for the feint of heart and especially if Sacha Baron Cohen is leading the way in that department, which leads to question just how well this odd pairing with actor Mark Strong as long lost brothers will bode upon the film's release in March. At any rate though, here's a brand new poster courtesy of IMDb that should help grant an idea or several.

Mathis Landwehr Is Not Here To Play In The New Trailer For Survival Thriller, IMMIGRATION GAME

Shortfilm director Krystof Zlatnik first landed on our radar with the dystopian sci-fi pitch, Land Of Giants. It reinvigorated fandom once more for German martial arts star, actor Mathis Landwehr who has also been making the rounds from time to time in both stunts as well as leading roles following his role in the 2005 winning dystopian kung fu thriller, Kampfansage: Der Letzte Schuler.

Gordon Chan's Period Epic, GOD OF WAR Gets Cast And Plot Details

Courtesy of MTime
We're more than a month since director Gordon Chan began filming his newest, God Of War, with a report that gave us an early look at actor Vincent Zhao starring. Bona Film Group's own Yu Dong is producing the film and slowly but surely, just a few more details are finally trickling with several more pictures highlighting cast and costumes.

BLOODY REVENGE Draws Plenty Of The Red Stuff In The Latest Trailer

Director Alip Santosa's latest bilingual thriller carries a tone likening to action whilst primarily adhering to a more contemplative crime millieu more than anything, and judging by the trailers circulating online for the last few years, it looks quite appealing. It's the new film, Bloody Revenge, which puts Indonesian actress Cinta Dewi right in the center of Hong Kong where the search for her sister ultimately takes a few gruesome turns for the worse.


You can't go wrong with zombies. Furthermore, you can't go wrong with school girls and chainsaws - thus we are brought to the newest trailer for Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw from Messiah helmer Yamaguchi Hiroki.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hungry For More DEADPOOL? Here's An IMAX Promo To Whet The Appetite

There are only a few days left for the "Twelve Days Of Deadpool" while actor Ryan Renyolds continues to troll the holiday season with posters, battle plan crayon drawings and emojis. This time, it's food, and of course there never no time for Chimichangas of any size and shape.

Vengeance Runs Cold In The Night In ELIZA. Watch The New Shortfilm And Help Make It Longer!

Not twenty-four hours since we published our Hit List for the week, Finnish filmmaker Mikko Löppönen is officially kicking off his latest ambitious venture with Eliza. The project is exactly the kind of film that is representive of the state of most territories around the world when it comes to a taste for action cinema and filmmakers like Löppönen are left to their own means, and so here begins a new effort toward a 30-minute revenge thriller with all the trimmings and tropes one could hope for in a violent revenge noir such as this.

Boyka Is Back (Almost) In The New Trailer Tease For BOYKA: UNDISPUTED

The clock starts now with director Isaac Florentine set to take audieces ringside with Boyka: Undisputed. It's the fourth installation of the Undisputed franchise featuring martial arts fanboy favorite, Uri Boyka played by none other than Scott Adkins whose career has seen quite an uptick this year with a few Hollywood releases now in tow.


Fans are days away from the upcoming airing of the new origin spin-off, Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. The first season has been running on Netflix for the past year from creator John Fusco and with a second season now pending, we have actor Tom Wu set to reprise his role as the blind warrior monk whose employ within Kublai Khan's court proves pivotal in the thickening plot of the first season.

Place Your Bets In The New Trailer For FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3D

The past two years have proven fruitful for film duo Wong Jing and Andy Lau in the wake of their latest God Of Gamblers revival, From Vegas To Macau. The new title now spawning a trilogy of spectacular feats led by legendary thesp Chow Yun-Fat comes full circle with the new movie, From Vegas To Macau 3D and further upping the antee than that of its predecessor, here and now with robots and all sorts of gadgetry to showcase the next-level storytelling, energetic action and comedy that awaits; Yes, Chow chastising a mannequin is pretty chuckle-inducing.

CLOSE RANGE LENSING: A Word With Filmmaker Isaac Florentine

Editor's Note: It's been a big year for news and coverage while 2016 certainly awaits its fair share of the same. That said, I couldn't be more thankful to have my good friend James Couche on board as contributor to Film Combat Syndicate. Apart from sharing several opinion pieces earlier this year next to his own busy schedule, he's now helping tackle interviews and with several names in mind, his first now brings the good company of director Isaac Florentine in the wake of his newest film, Close Range.

THE HIT LIST - December 21, 2015

At long last, we've arrived at the final Hit List of the year and I can't say how fantastic 2015 has been. 2016 also has its share of momentum and prospects and so I go into this article looking plenty forward to what lies ahead, and having said this, I can't thank those of you enough for engaging and sharing these Hit List pieces every week.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Get A First Look At Tom Wu In A New MARCO POLO: ONE HUNDRED EYES Promo

Netflix is officially releasing a first look at actor Tom Wu in the upcoming original series program, Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. For the unknowing, your best solution is to look up the first season of Marco Polo which aired exclusively on Netflix a little over a year ago with Wu in the role of the warrior monk imprisoned in the employ of Kublai Khan's court.

Amazon Series, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, Gets A Second Season Order

While Frank Spotnitz's new show, The Man In The High Castle, didn't exactly fare positively in its otherwise immersive advertising a month ago, the show's airing is proving much more positive nowadays. Variety reports the series, inspired by Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel of the same name which focuses on a story of a reality that faces a grim alternative future following the fallout of World War 2, has risen as Amazon's most-streamed original series.

Donnie Yen: "I Still Have A Little Fire Left In Me"

Well that was pretty quick. Nevertheless it was also quite necessary, especially when talk of retirement for a fan-favorite film actor comes into play, and especially if said actor is martial arts action star Donnie Yen.


Following Hasumi Eiichiro's Assassination Classroom, the sequel to said publication is now going viral with a trailer for Assassination Classroom: Graduation. The story continues the epic saga of a single classroom assigned with learning how to kill its seemingly-impervious Octopus-like alien teacher, "Koro-sensei", ahead of graduation before it destroys Earth, despite them having grown fond of him.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Zombies Attack In A New Clip From MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND!

So, Star Wars: The Force Awakens just happens to be the biggest movie in the world this weekend, which may explain partly why you might find it a little difficult to catch right away unless you bought your tickets early. But, don't fret - you do have other options available and one such includes director Wuershan's newest, Mojin: The Lost Legend, which also delivers its share of visual spectacle worthy of a theatrical feat to enjoy.

Sunny Pang Lends An Evil Stare Along With A Masked Julie Estelle In New Photos From HEADSHOT

Star Wars fans may be getting their Iko Uwais fix in J.J. Abrams's newest movie set in a galaxy far far away this week. In the meantime, production remains on going for the latter portion of his newest title with director pair, the Mo Brothers', Headshot.

Screener Review: EXTRACTION (2015)

Extraction Official Trailer
Vengeance runs in the family. #Extraction starring Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz, and Gina Carano is coming to theaters and on demand December 18.
Posted by Extraction on Friday, November 20, 2015

Actor Kellan Lutz's post-Twilight career is flourishing pretty nicely. His progression s not as big nor as soon as one may have hoped, though it helps that he's starred in a number of decent films to date, most notably Conor Allyn's 2013 thriller, Java Heat in which he plays an AWOL solider in search of a terrorist. Such a film bodes nicely with a resumé that even accomodates a small leading role in an Expendables movie, and here and now following suit, his latest lead role in Steven C. Miller's new film, Extraction.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


It's an era of boxing movie fandom nowadays, with momentum driven by the successes of films like the recent releases of Antoine Fuqua's Southpaw and Ryan Coogler's Creed earlier this year. As we speak, there are other titles slowly coming to fruition and the list continues now with word that actor Jeremy Renner is ready to take his fight to the ring.


Benedict Wong and Tom Wu (right) in "Marco Polo" (Netflix)
Hopefully by now you've managed to catch all of Netflix's original series, Marco Polo since its December 12 debut last year. Lorenzo Richelmy stars in the title role inspired by the life and legend of the young 13th century explorer with a story packed full of drama, intrigue, lust and danger in the tumultous millieu of Kublai Khan's court, and to no understating at all.

Donnie Yen Talks Life After IP MAN 3 And More

All the talk that's been heard about martial arts star Donnie Yen possibly retiring from martial arts films may sound like rhetoric to some fans who are skeptical ahead of the forthcoming release of Ip Man 3. For the man himself though, it's very much certain despite whatever may happen, and he expanded on this and much more in a recent interview with Time Out Hong Kong.

Tina Fey Leads The Most American White Lady Story You've Ever Heard In The New Trailer For WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT

So what's a girl gotta do for a lifestyle change nowadays? Well, here to answer that question are directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa with a script by Robert Carlock for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot which opens on March 4.

Justice With A Side Of Noodles, Dumplings And Bamboo In The New Trailer For KUNG FU PANDA 3!

Kung Fu Panda 3 is opening on January 29 in the U.S. next year, and so it goes we have a new trailer this week that further guarantees a great time for fans of one of Dreamworks's most successful franchises. Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni direct with actor Jack Black lending his devotion to kung fu once more as "the chosen one" now tasked with defending his village from another ambitious, and obviously begrudging new challenger.

Lee, Kang, Kim Headline Jo's MASTER Early Next Year

Actor Lee Byung-Hun, co-star of Terminator: Genisys, currently has a flourishing overseas career with Paramount Pictures's G.I. Joe movies in 2009 and 2013 among others, and with any luck he'll be doing the same with the studio now in tow with a universe of crossover films for Hasbro's Allspark shingle. In the meantime, Lee is still a star at home in South Korea with hits like the long-awaited release of Woo Min-Ho's political thriller, Inside Men, which finally opened last month.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is Lawrence Fishburne Joining JOHN WICK 2?

Warner Bros.
The kind folks over at Gothamist found some interesting developments on the set of director Chad Stahelski's new movie, John Wick 2. Exclusive photos now circulating online can be attributed with returning actor Keanu Reeves and his former Matrix trilogy co-star Lawrence Fishburne, marking this as their latest film since the popular cyberpunk sci-fi action trilogy twelve years ago.

GODS OF EGYPT Gets A Second Trailer, Still As White And British As The First

Forget everything you know about Egyptians! Lionsgate has its own version of history up and running with the marketing for director Alex Proyas's new movie, Gods Of Egypt - a film that's already suffering in the press and for good damn reason.

The DC Trinity Emerges In New Character Posters For BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

Admittedly, the most recent trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice doesn't quite hit all the right notes, though you still get to see what all three of DC's Trinity look like together on screen. That said, we still have a little over three months left and plenty of time between now and whenever the Justice League movies surface to see what impression we're left with as Warner Bros races Marvel to the finish.

Screener Review: ATOMIC EDEN (2016)

Director Nico Sentner's efforts in film are well embedded with credits of up to at least ten years of work on both sides of the camera, so his skillset is pretty workable to that effect. However, that doesn't bode too highly when measuring the shortcomings of an independent production, and so while some titles deserve a curve, it's a curve to be used with a grain of salt judging by one's own taste.

Sakaguchi Tak Is Faster Than A Speeding Bullet In The First Teaser For RE:BORN

It's been a glorious era for fans of Japanese action star and actor Sakaguchi Tak who has all but earned his cult-acclaim in a variety of independent, low budget jidaigeki and action horror features, several of them award-winning in the process. The most noted of them all is director Kitamura Ryuhei's hit film, Versus, which drew its high profile standing with Sakaguchi and the stylings of action director and stuntman Shimomura Yuji who also has a few directorial credits of his own, including Sakaguchi's 2005 hit, Death Trance.