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Friday, October 30, 2015

WORLD WAR Z 2 Moves Forward To Keep Director, Adds New Writer

Director Marc Forster's 2013 adaptation of Max Brooks's 2006 sci-fi horror novel, World War Z, did pretty well for itself in the face of a bloated budget proceeding script rewrites and reshoots. Alas, you can imagine fans of the first film were happy at the prospects of a sequel which was since announced in June that year shortly after its release.

BLACKOUT Sets 'Need For Speed' Helmer To Direct

Director Scott Waugh has developed quite the audience for himself with the 2012 the Act Of Valor, and last year's game adaptation, Need For Speed, details and specifics notwithstanding. That stated, it was enough for him to keep getting gigs, now including the new action thriller, Blackout, from Sierra Affinity.

SABAN'S POWER RANGERS Enlists Its Fifth Ranger In Becky G.!

Not too far off from last week's forth addition of R.J. Cyler, actress and singer Becky G. will be making her big screen debut in Saban's Power Rangers in the next few years. G. (a.k.a. Rebecca Marie Gomez) is segwaying from her career in television to movies which now suits her up as the Yellow Ranger for the film's January 13, 2017 release from director Dean Israelite.

JOHN WICK 2 Starts Filming In New York City

Big budget movies tend to garner big attention with big loads of fervor. Such a result may have been unforseen with the small-scale action thriller debut, John Wick, last year, but came nonetheless topped with a renewed appreciation for an original action storytelling.

Go Mattress Shopping With Sacha Baron Cohen In The New NSFW Trailer For THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY

If you haven't yet absorbed the idea of director Louis Leterrier honing in on his directorial knack for action-packed entertainment in the company of someone who put audacious characters like Ali G., Borat and BrĂ¼no on the map, then you'd be wrong not to. The evidence is now here in the latest trailer for the new espionage comedy, The Brothers Grimsby, with Mark Strong leading point as bullet and bomb-dodging secret agent, whereas it's Sacha Baron Cohen who gets the girl. As for how he does it... well let's just say he hasn't changed a bit!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

THE FIGHTING JOURNEYMAN: An Interview With Eric Nguyen

This week I'm actually running several interviews and a few are taking time to develop. In the meantime, it's been over three years since I started Film Combat Syndicate and having incidentally crossed paths with independent filmmaker, Eric Nguyen, by way of his YouTube channel, Lunar Stunts, I couldn't think of a better time to spend my time sharing a one-on-one interview.

Gareth Evans Finishes Final Script For Gangster Pic, BLISTER

Casting all things aside involving The Raid for the time being, director favorite Gareth Huw Evans has currently been in Wales working on his latest endeavor, Blister. The film already has some action sequences pre-visualized and though the plot is a secret at the moment, past reports show Evans describing it best as a gangster story with a humble nod to Sam Peckinpah and classics like The Wild Bunch.

China-Set Sci-Fi Space Epic, THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM, Set To Invade Theaters In July 2016

Award-winning author Liu Cixin didn't miss a beat with his 2008 Chongqing Press publication, The Three-Body Problem. It's the first of a sci-fi space opera franchise which ended in 2010 and each have notably sold somewhere in the vicinity of 500,000 thousand copies, and for a guy growing up with sci-fi under the enduring critical eye of China's Communist rule, that's something to be proud of.

Indonesian Actioner, SKAKMAT, Gets A Stylish New Poster

Actor and martial artist Cecep Arif Rahman is making a killing this season with several things now happening. His latest appearance in Anggy Umbara's sci-fi action thriller, 3, is getting some coverage next week at the Los Angeles Indonesian Film Festival, and he's currently rehearsing with Amy Johnston for The Tank helmer Kellie Madison's The Gate.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BLAZING KIDS Prepare For An Epic Martial Arts Yo-Yo Battle Next Month On Discovery Family!

Ever heard of Yo Kwon Do? If not, don't fret, because neither have I. More to the point, it's the very style of martial arts in the new family action adventure, Blazing Kids, which airs next month on Discovery Family Channel.

ASH VS EVIL DEAD Gets The Second Season You Probably Already Wanted

With the first four minutes of the upcoming hit action horror series, Ash VS. The Evil Dead making way online and further adding fuel to the fandom this week, the prospects are already looking greater. Another film may even be in the works as we speak, but for those keen on the new effort her at STARZ, apparently the network is already ordering a second season.

Watch The New Trailer For Tony Olmos's Grim Crime Pic, SOUTH OF 8

Roughly two years in the making, writer and producer Tony Olmos's directorial debut reads as a very surreal crime pic that definitely dabbles into some of our worst fears. It's the new movie, South Of 8 from Rosewood Five Studios and Irontree Film Collective, now slated for a release next year, and after circulating a bit of teaser footage in the past year or so, we now have a new trailer in the midst which you may look at below.

Li Bingbing To Circle Stan Lee's REALM In The New Superheroine Movie

Courtesy Of Lionsgate
It's been a few years since comic book father figure Stan Lee circled the idea of producing a superhero movie with a Chinese lead. At the time it was with Blackhat co-star Leehom Wang who was then-tapped for the lead role in Annihilator for Magic Storm, and of course, one wonders exactly what happened for it to fizzle over time.

ABUNAI DEKA: THE LONG GOODBYE Greets Fans With A Warm, Spectacular Teaser

Thirty years after reigning prominently on TV, the Abunai Deka franchise is making a ceremonious return to the big screen...depending on how you interpret the title. The film, Abunai Deka: The Long Goodbye is slated for next year with franchise familiar Murakawa Toru at the helm, and actors Tachi Hiroshi and Shibata Kohei reprising their roles as two detectives in the Kanagawa Prefecture by way of their unorthodox means.

Michelle Rodriguez Will Star As A Transgender Assassin In Walter Hill's TOMBOY

Courtesy Of Universal Pictures

I love Sigourney Weaver, so upon learning of her possible involvement a few months ago in action veteran Walter Hill's upcoming gender reassigment thriller, Tomboy, it pretty much amped me up for what lies ahead. Sure, Bullet To The Head didn't get a lot of love but it was fun to relax the brain to, and shows Hill still loves directing a meaty action film any day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Your Move! Check Out The New Poster For Indonesian Actioner, SKAKMAT!

If you thought there was going to be a shortage of Indonesian action any time soon, you needn't look further than some of this season's prominent faces. Films and projects like Anggy Umbara's 3 and currently-developing French action series, O, have several names in common who are now readying for another explosive return to the screen in what reads like a fantastic action thriller to come.

And Now, A Word From Andy Le...

IP MAN 3 Scores A Brand New Poster

Director Wilson Yip's third stint with action star and actor Donnie Yen in the upcoming biopictoral franchise drama, Ip Man 3, is less than a few months from its release in Asia. Pitting Yen against the likes of former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson and actor Max Zhang, it'll be interesting to see how this threequel finishes things off and especially considering all the talk of retirement from kung movies Yen's teased in the past.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sofia Boutella Heads To THE COLDEST CITY For Focus

Some of the best news in action movies just happens to be coming out at the start of this week! That said, we are just around the corner from the forthcoming production of director David Leitch's newest film, The Coldest City with actress Charlize Theron starring as well as producing from Kurt Johnstad's script.

John Woo To Remake His Bullet Ballet Classic, THE KILLER, In 2016

It was back in the Spring that celebrated film legend, director John Woo, announced his return to action with the forthcoming remake of Japanese crime thriller, Manhunt. This week however, appears to be a continuing pivot on that particular turning point with word now making the rounds that he'll be looking forward to a remake of his ceremonious Hong Kong action classic, The Killer.

THE HIT LIST - October 26, 2015

This weekend was another rough one... safe to say I need two of me. Nevertheless, I'm committed to the Hit List this week and have delivered the goods, the high falls, the hard-hitters and all!

Common Joins JOHN WICK 2!

Courtesy Of Warner Bros.
John Wick 2 kicks off filming this week with actor Keanu Reeves back in the fray as the title character and director Chad Stahelski at the helm. Things have been sizzling for the last few months with the film's start in New York City in recent months, and now we're off to an even greater start with some casting news.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Cecep Arif Rahman Joins Kellie Madison's THE GATE

Things are finally underway for the now fully-funded production of The Tank helmer Kellie Madison's latest proof-of-concept, The Gate. Fight rehearsals are happening with cameras set to roll later this year with the project stemming from Madison's own affinity for action-packed storytelling and prolific appreciation for Indonesian martial arts and film lore.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Baseball Bat Man Very Tri Yulisman Joins HEADSHOT

Things remain on the up-and-up in Indonesia with the forthcoming production of the new action thriller, Headshot. Cameras are rolling in less than a week with Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel back on the mound once more, and for this, the casting details have been nothing short of sweet.

The New Teaser For WE ARE SOLDIER Teases With A Beating!

Roughly six months since the start of production, former serviceman and debut filmmaker Lee Asquith-Coe is finally on track with his new action thriller, We Are Soldier. Co-director Eric Kolelas leads the cast of the film which has quite a bit going for itself judging by its previous concept teaser, but its actor, co-star and fight choreographer Grant Steven who takes center stage in the brand new teaser now airing online as of this weekend.

THE RAID Remake Searches For A New Director As Hughes, Screen Gems Part Ways

I've long advocated that remakes and reboots done correctly could work for audiences, and there are a few examples worth mentioning like the lesser-appreciated Dredd 3D and films like Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist which currently awaits a sequel. That said, a remake of the hit Indonesian crime thriller, The Raid, has been on deck for a readaptation for a few years now following its cult success back in 2011, even though its progress has been slow to go for more than a year now.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Watch The Action-Packed Trailer For THE GOLDEN CAN WARRIOR From Well Go USA!

Director Ifa Isfansyah's period drama, The Golden Cane Warrior, is finally headed to the U.S. next month, and with special thanks to Well Go USA no less. We also now have a trailer to accomodate which you can now view below, host to a slew of imagery gushing with picturesque views and of our cast in a dazzling display of weapons fighting courtesy of action director Hung Yan Yan.

Iko Uwais Actioner HEADSHOT Confirms Julie Estelle And Sunny Pang

Following Thursday's initial reports, Twitchfilm confirmed the additions of actress Julie Estelle and Singaporean actor Sunny Pang in the new action thriller, Headshot, from SCTV Station and Screenplay Infinite Films. Action star Iko Uwais leads the cast with actress Chelsea Islan for the film's production set to roll cameras within a week or so.

ZAMBO DENDE Gets A Final Poster

Hopefully it won't be long before we see more precise info regarding the upcoming live-action superhero debut of 7g Lab's digital comic, Zambo Dende. The project filmed on location in Bogota, Colombia close to a year ago and with November rolling by and several bits of behind-the-scenes teaser material floating online, the official poster just went viral which you can now view below.

POWER RANGERS Gets Its Blue Ranger With R.J. Cyler

In keeping with the pace of things, War Machine co-star, actor R.J. Cyler has officially been added to the principal hero cast of Power Rangers from Lionsgate and Saban Films. Cyler's casting was announced further below on Instagram and other plaforms via social media:

And Now, A Word From Sly...

A video posted by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on

INTO THE BADLANDS Premieres Next Month On Amazon In The U.K.!

Fans of martial arts action in the UK who don't have access to AMC television will now have the opportunity to be in full view of the latest thrilling endeavor, Into The Badlands. The show will premiere on November 17 on Amazom Prime in the U.K. two days following its AMC network premiere at 10pm, EST. 

Netflix Series MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES Brandishes A Mezmerizing New Trailer

Netflix's latest big play in the Marvel film and entertainment milleu ostensibly comes with suspicion surrounding whether or not one other superhero may even make it to series. Beyond that, the universe here is about to get a little bit bigger with the addition of actress Krysten Ritter now starring in the title role of Marvel's Jessica Jones series.

SLEEPLESS Gets A Teaser Gushing With Blood, Drugs, Skin And Strobe Lights

Shortfilm director Izzy Traub has an electric new crime thriller happening right now that deserves a bit of attention. The film is called Sleepless and it's got a new teaser out ahead of its 2017 release according to IMDb with actor Brent Harvey and actress Jovanna Nicole starring.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Watch The New Teaser For Pascal Aka's New Tactical Thriller, INTERCEPTION

For a while now I've had my eye off-and-on the Ivory Coast's own Pascal Aka, multi-faceted actor and director in Africa who's done quite a bit of work on several projects. One thing is especially certain in my attention here, and it's that he's got his feet well into shooting action sequences while continually sharpening his craft.

Trailer: THE LONDON FIRM Pits Two Hitmen In A Deadly Game Of Survival!

Neil Horner's directorial debut is looking absolutely solid with his latest, The London Firm.

Glu Launches Statham-Themed SNIPER X For Mobile Platforms!

It's gametime for Statham fans! Sniper X is here courtesy of Glu following its announcement earlier this year. Proceed!

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES Slices, Dices And Romances In The New Trailer

Director Burr Steer's latest Regency era action horror spoof, Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, has plenty going for itself by next year. Author Seth Grahaime-Smith wrote the original novel mashing up his vision with that of renouned late author Jane Austen, and his work is clearly exemplary here, serving as a delightful template for a live-action adaptation of this caliber, and we now have a timeframe with a release set for February 5, 2016 courtesy of Sony.

'Monster Hunt' Co-Star Ludi Lin Enlists With The POWER RANGERS For Lionsgate, Saban

Director Raman Hui's latest, Monster Hunt, drew in spectacular box office figures in China this year. This fact undoubtedly serves well for actor Ludi Lin, a relative newcomer as it was his feature film debut following smaller roles in shortfilms, as well as most recently in the first season of the Netflix series epic, Marco Polo.

The Mo Brothers Reunite For Iko Uwais Actioner, HEADSHOT For Next Year

Long after the acclaim of last year's Indonesian film prospects with horror thriller, Killers and action crime sequel, The Raid 2, it comes with great pleasure to finally see more coming out of the woodworks from the other side of the globe.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Filming Resumes For Rising Tiger Hit Short, BLACK SCAR BLUES Amid Distribution Talks

Independent filmmaking isn't a hugely smooth process, especially when working on a zero budget. It's been a lesson well learned for upcoming actor and fight choreo Leroy Nguyen in the years he's operated online via his indie film banner, Rising Tiger Films - more so following the festival of his latest indie action drama short, Black Scar Blues.

Drafthouse Announces THE WORLD OF KANAKO For U.S. Release This December

Following its Japan release last year, Drafthouse Films is bringing Kamikaze Girls and Confessions helmer Nakashima Tetsuya's latest, The World Of Kanako, to the U.S. on December 4. The film is based on author Fukamachi Akio's 2005 novel and with reviews glossing all over the sheer madness of what's included, I'd say the latest trailer justly encompasses the hype.

JANE GOT A GUN And She's Not Afraid To Use It In The New International Trailer!

You would think that a film like Gavin O'Connor's latest, Jane Got A Gun would have an easier time getting a foothold. Alas, it took three years to start with were it not for director Lynne Ramsay totally bailing on the film altogether at the last minute, along with the revolving door turning of added cast.

KINGSMAN 2 Gets A Release Date!

Mark your calendars this week! The looming production of the upcoming sequel to this year's Kingsman: The Secret Service is currently in bound with activity in Europe as we speak, and with no less than actor Taron Egerton poised to reprise his lead role as well.

Celebrate Back To The Future Day With A Newsletter From Michael J. Fox!

No, we don't even have commercially marketed flying cars or hoverboards or self-drying clothes, much less time machines. While we're at it, we do have actor Michael J. Fox in the wake of all things related to Back To The Future day, marking today as a milestone relevant to the movies.

JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK Begins Shooting, Releases One Year From Today

Actor Tom Cruise's most recent success in Paramount Pictures's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation marks an opportune milestone for the studio. Its 2012 adaptation of the Lee Child-written Jack Reacher novels drew some attention but almost didn't reach sequel potential, so thankfully for fans of the film there's been enough interest in one with the help of ancillary sales and overseas markets.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hey Internet! Watch An Extended Director's Cut Of BLOOD AND BONE For Free Thanks To Director Ben Ramsey!

It's not everyday a filmmaker uploads his own special director's cut of a feature film online for the viewing public. Here and now, leave that up to director Ben Ramsey who just unloaded an extended director's cut of his 2009 action thriller, Blood And Bone, starring the one and only Michael Jai White.

Dean Israelite's POWER RANGERS Recruits Dacre Montgomery

It was about a month or so ago that Lionsgate and Saban announced they began testing actors for the upcoming 2017 tokusatsu reboot, Power Rangers. The show has gone on for well over two decades crossing over Japanese sci-fi and fantasy lore to North American TV audiences in 1993 and since moving into Hollywood territory with at least two films in 1995 and 1997.

Watch A New Featurette For CREED

I don't know about anyone else, but I would like to think that the concept of the classic Rocky character, Apollo Creed, eventually had children who could later forsee an entrance into the Rocky saga. This is at least one thing mentioned in the latest featurette for the upcoming spin-off, Creed, reuniting star Michael B. Jordan with director Ryan Coogler, now joining franchise mainstay Sylvester Stallone who co-stars.

Bruckheimer Nabs YA Action Thriller Novel, THE CRUELTY For Paramount

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer may be busy working on the Pirates Of The Carribean franchise ahead of the long awaited Top Gun sequel, but that hasn't stopped him from nabbing more to work with ahead of then. The latest events over at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week proved pivotal for Bruckheimer in the wake of author S. Bergstrom's latest self-published 2014 debut YA novel, The Cruelty, which is reportedly now underway at Paramount with the former Disney producer now in possession of the rights.

FUNimation Announces GHOST IN THE SHELL: NEW MOVIE For November U.S. Release

Director Nomura Kazuya's latest contribution, Ghost In The Shell: New Movie, is heading for a limited time to theaters in the U.S. thanks to FUNimation. On that note, the new trailer arrived this week to introduce the film following its theatrical run in Japan, following up on the ongoing 2013 serial run of the Arise series.

Music Men Trade Dance Moves For Fists And Kicks In The New Promo For HiGH & LOW: The Story Of S.W.O.R.D.!

The latest production of Kubo Shigeaki's HiGH & LOW: The Story Of S.W.O.R.D. may be a little under a year from its forthcoming feature film extension. On that note, while host to a whole slew of content that includes a television premiere and other content, the latest ensemble action project by Japanese supergroup, Exile and executive producer Exile Hiro are digging their feet well into the promotional process; Their social media activity is key in this regard, so if you follow J-pop and entertainment at all and have an instagram account at best, you're in for an eyefull of easter eggs on the project from now through next year.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The New STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Is Here. You're Welcome.

There's no question about it. J.J. Abrams's Star Wars: The Force Awakens is probably going to break the box office as much as it already broke the internet on Monday. I have no doubts here in any regard though I can imagine Disney and Lucasfilm are just eagerly waiting to start counting the money.

THE HIT LIST - October 19, 2015

Time to get the ball rolling this week for a brand new Hit List, one with ample music, energy and most importantly, some of the best action ever shot on film. This week is a little light, but a guaranteed crowdpleaser nonetheless...

CAFE CON LECHE Brews An Intense New Trailer For The Upcoming Crime Thriller

Signaled by none other than the upworthy reception of his latest underground fight drama, Callajero, writer and director Ray Gallardo's prospects are looking quite exceptional. His newest production, Cafe Con Leche, took off earlier this year on location in the federal district of Mexico City and caught my attention as well with the addition of actor and fight choreographer Fernando Jay Huerto.