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Friday, July 31, 2015

Well Go USA's WOLF WARRIOR Is Now Available For Pre-Order

We're literally just one-month away from the North American release of action star Wu Jing's solo directorial debut, Wolf Warrior. It shouldn't be long before we finally get a trailer going viral but chances are you folks already know what the film looks like due to the trailers now online. Definitely patriotic at its core with a variety of actors on hand, one can argue this looks like an exceptional template for Wu in his career off-camera, and considering it's just one of two films that significantly did a number on his legs in the last few years prior to his recovery, hopefully there will be plenty more to come.

Feel The Glow 30 Years Later In The Blu-Ray Trailer For Berry Gordy's THE LAST DRAGON!

In this day and age, if there is ever a chance for director Michael Schultz's immortal kung fu soul classic, Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon to be remade for millenials, I don't think it would live to tell the tale unless the right director and crew were on it. The film is such a treasure to the niche it is meant for and now we have a forthcoming repackaged and brand-spanking new version of the film arriving on Blu-Ray in late August.

dTV Miniseries, Higuchi's ATTACK ON TITAN: COUNTER ROCKETS Takes Off In A New Trailer!

Big things are happening as we kick off August with the Japan release of the first of Highchi Shinji's two-part live-action adaptation of the hit manga/anime franchise, Attack On Titan. Thus, Japanese streaming video service, dTV will be linking to the films of a three-part tie-in miniseries of its own, now in the form of Attack On Titan: Counter Rockets.

NARUTO Is Up For A Live-Action Film From Lionsgate

Naruto Shippuden and Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie helmer Yamashita Hiroyuki is currently on the way with the next theatrical chapter of the hit manga/anime saga, Boruto: Naruto The Movie - the eleventh animated film in the saga, this August in Japan while fans await their day in October. It's a franchise like many of late with a huge following stemming from its roots at Shueisha by author Kishimoto Masashi, prior to its anime launch in 1997 with a plot focused on an orphaned boy determined to become his village's strongest ninja guardian yet. Moreover, it is one that has systemically driven online creators to bring their own inspired take on Kishimoto's universe, and make no mistake - there are quite a few successes to take note of (HINT: I've written about them).

Quench Your Thirst In The New Trailer For BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES!

Independent filmmaker and comedy purveyor Brian James O'Connell is well on his way up with approving responses by audiences keen on his previous works, namely including Killer View and Angry White Man. Both titles have the appeal toward viewers adoring of unmitigated, dark humor that pushes the envelope and it remains an integral business model in his craft now with his latest, Blood Sucking Bastards, daring to bleed the workforce competition dry!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

FANTASTIC FEST 2015: Kurt Russell's BONE TOMAHAWK Leads The First Wave!

Living in Austin and in the mood for a variety of films that explore the weird, charming and existential tropes of what's offered to the festival scene? Fantastic Fest has that covered once again this year in the last week of September, and with the announcement of its first wave, fans can look forward to a range of titles, new and dated, with awesome guest appearances to boot.

Watch The Riveting New Teaser For Cary Fukunaga's BEASTS OF NO NATION!

I have to say, were it not for the existence of film and as consuming as day-to-day life can be, I think a lot of people in general, including myself, would never really ever lend an ear to issues of worldly importance as child soldiers in third-world countries. It's a great medium to use if you're not very studious as some people about a specific topic and it's something you would have to really care about and immerse yourself in as contemplative and tedious as filmmaking can be with a cast that can help put a stamp on said project.

Aleksander Bach To Direct Alien Invasion Epic, REVOC For Summit!

We're less than a month before the release of director Aleksander Bach's latest live-action game adaptation offering, Hitman: Agent 47. There's no doubt, however, that early screenings, provided the reviews are upworthy, may prove the film to be an effective one, and so we can comfortably look forward to whatever lies in Bach's future as a filmmaker.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Well Go USA is in great straits with its release line. And just to think that years ago, the only way to catch a film like Zhao Tianyu and Peter Pau's latest, Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal, would be to either live in the region or wait for it on bootleg. Gladly the latter no longer has to be an option, and with the evolution of our technology between filmmaking and home viewing, you can best be sure to be left dazzled by this one.

Adi Shankar's Dark Superhero Drama GODS AND SECRETS Adds Five To Its Cast!

Bootleg Universe made quite a bit of noise earlier this year with filmmaker Joseph Kahn's Power/Ranger one-shot shortfilm. The short continued to gain virility with its release amid its controversy with producer Adi Shankar handling all PR on the matter and for what it's worth, it was a worthwhile attention getter, so it bring to mind the question as to what lies ahead for Shankar in the process.

Michelle Yeoh Gets A New Wax Statue Unveiling At Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Standing for hours non-end for the materialization of your own wax-figure is no easy task. However, any mild discomfort there may be is a small price to pay, especially for Malaysian actress and legendary Hong Kong superstar Michelle Yeoh, the latest inductee into the Kung Fu Zone exhibit over at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

Cruise: "We're Working On MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 Right Now"

Hear this - we're barely days away from the forthcoming release of director Christopher McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation with promotion still underway and a handful of exclusive screenings taking place for lucky fans. The film was long hyped through its trailer campaign as the "last mission", which of course is no guarantee that this will be the final film, but it's still bares mentioning what with all the changes in the cast throughout the now five-part evolution of the franchise.

Sci-Fi Thriller RE-KILL Leads The After Dark Films/Fox Relaunch. Watch The New Trailer!

Three years is a longtime to wait for a film to release after its completion. After Dark Films exemplified this with its three-year deal based at Lionsgate for the production and distribution of genre titles, specifically including Wrong Turn 6 helmer director Valeri Milev's action horror thriller, Re-Kill.

Michael Bay's 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI Unveils Its First Trailer

Blockbuster director Michael Bay is tentatively off the radar from making alien robots fight each other in epic death duels. Still though, it's in films like his latest, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi, that he continues to illuminate the best image of military might, and here and now through the conception of Chuck Hogan's script based on the tumultous events that took place in Libya in 2012, and Mitchell Zuckoff's subsequent book in 2014.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fox's GAMBIT Loses Its Star

It's no fun wasting minutes of hype writing about movies and casting faves only to see such developments fall apart before our eyes. Actor Channing Tatum has long been the frontrunner for Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming production of live-action Marvel property, Gambit, having spoken with high hopes of playing the character, followed by word that Rupert Wyatt would be directing.

Neil Marshall Will Hand Down THE SENTENCE For Applebox

Action thriller scripting duo Creighton Rothberger and Katrin Benedikt (Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen) are joining the latest production heading into pure revenge-driven sci-fi territory with the new film, The Sentence. Neil Marshall, off the stellar successes of shows like Game Of Thrones and Black Sails, as well as films like post-apocalyptic actioner, Doomsday in 2008 and 2010 period thriller Centurion, is on board to direct the film for Applebox Entertainment.

Join Herman Yau For A Student Screening Of IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT This Fall!

We've already entered one more chapter of the Donnie Yen cinematic universe for the concluding biopictoral trilogy based on the life and legend of Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man. It's a name that has otherwise proven integral in the implementation of martial arts in cinema, and as a brand with popularity in other mediums, including television, and it's one that fans take great pride in.

Tommy Lee Jones Adds To The Cast Of The Next BOURNE Film With Damon Starring

The past several years have shown signs of life for a few more 'Bourne' films with mainstays, actors Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner in the wind for reprising roles in their own Bourne films. Particularly in 2015 however, the recent news of actresses, returning franchise co-star Julia Stiles and newly added Ex-Machina star Alicia Vikander have remained productive in building up more hype in anticipation of further news.

Villeneuve's SICARIO Gets A Thrilling New Trailer!

I have to say, actress Emily Blunt's performance in last year's sci-fi epic, Edge Of Tomorrow really turned me onto her as a strong leading lady of action. That said, I'm more than excited to see what she's capable of with her latest role in Denis Villeneuve's new thriller, Sicario, with Star Wars VIII prospect Benecio Del Toro and actor Josh Brolin also starring.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Take A Look At The First Poster For Upcoming Action Thriller, MEZA: DAVID'S STORY

It's no easy feat to put together an amazing, full-length martial arts movie project. Nonetheless, it's a challenge conquered by Ontario-based film and stage performance troupe, Team 2x, led by debut director James Mark for the upcoming action sci-fi thriller, Meza: David's Story.

THE HIT LIST - July 27, 2015

This past week was pretty busy for me, so content has been slower than usual. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up with with what's happening in independent material and other matters of visual feats of sports and athleticism of which you will see plenty.

Help Kickstart Michael Neal's New Action-Packed Webseries, SWORDS OF INSURGENCY!

It's always welcoming to see original content stake its claim in the eyes of the film viewing world. As tough as it is to sustain, however, opportunities for things like this most certainly advantageous, and so director Michael Neal is now ready to heed the call with crowdfunding at his disposal for the hopeful support of his newest webseries, Swords Of Insurgency.

Dean Ambrose Counts His Luck In The New Trailer For 12 ROUNDS 3: LOCKDOWN!

You wouldn't suspect anything more than beyond what you might feel a director could do in following up with a film like, 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, although judging by the latest trailer, director Stephen Renyolds appears to have taken care of that. It's pretty clever in its simplistic approach and with debut actor Dean Ambrose stepping up to the plate, another round here should suffice.


Personally I'm not yet too sure about the upcoming release of The Transporter Refueled, much less the title. Ed Skrein comes off as a strong actor though, and I'm sure the story well find it's own way to be entertaining in a way, but my main concern will always be the action and I still have my grievances after Brick Mansions. So, here's to crossing our fingers, and if an IMAX presentation will help things a bit, then I boldly welcome a sequel.

Everyone Is Out To Kill Luke Goss In The New Trailer For AWOL-72!

The Nightcrew helmer, director Christian Sesma will finally be getting the release treatment for his newest, AWOL-72 next month. Dates are pending but a new trailer is now circulating as of the weekend with actors Luke Goss and Bokeem Woodbine back in the fray with Sesma as a rogue MP on the run from soviet agents, the police, and pretty much everyone who is armed and has authority. Clearly there won't be much room to rest in between.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

FANTASIA 2015: The Supernatural Looms In Feudal Japan In The Latest International Trailer For NINJA THE MONSTER

Acclaimed director Ochiai Ken is getting things off to a decorative start for this summer's events at Fantasia Fest in Montreal. Part of the line up will be the August 2 premiere of his newest, Ninja The Monster - the second of two films well on the way from Shochiku's forthcoming slate of low-budget cult-oriented genre titles from Japan, and judging by the most recent trailer, clearly Ochiai has nothing but good things in mind: ninjas, monsters, swordplay, fantasy. Consider me sold.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's The Story You Wish Were True In The New Trailer For PHANTOM!

It's fruitful to see the good guys win in a lot of military and espionage action thrillers, which brings a bit of peculiarity to Bollywood director Kabir Khan's latest induction into the genre. Loosely ripped from the grim headlines is the new film, Phantom, from UTV Motion Pictures and Nadiadwala Grandson with actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Katrina Kaif in a story that will otherwise grant sheer uncertainty to a compelling plot with plenty of intense and explosive sequences to boot.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Singer: "Ideas For An X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover Are In Play"

It's never enough for a lot of comic book fans to see through to the end of a franchise. Once they love something, they prefer it stick around, which is natural with regard to the respective comic book universes of Marvel properties, X-Men and Fantastic Four.

CCBFF 2015: Kiai-Kick Debut Series, CORNERED, Hits The Fest Circuit In Austin Next Month!

It's always a good thing to see independent action cinema make festival moves. Things like this gain exposure and some of these do take quite a bit of effort and waiting, it's a huge payoff for giving original content an extra pair of eyes. Exposure and other prospects come into play and hopefully that will mean great things for debut filmmaker and Kiai-Kick founder and editor Michael S. Moore with his latest webseries, Cornered.

Joe Taslim Joins STAR TREK: BEYOND!

With all the Star Wars blurbs and murmurs regarding titles like Mile 22 and Beyond Skyline, it's become quite clear that some of the biggest names in Indonesian action are making headway beyond their domain, and for all intents and purposes, this is an excellent thing. Actor Joe Taslim can certainly fit the mold having joined the other two in the 2011/2012 movie, The Raid, a film that has certainly garenered them a spotlight in the film industry, leading to great prospects and with specific regard to Taslim's role in the 2013 action adventure franchise thriller, Furious 6 for Universal Pictures.

Shoreline Acquires Martial Arts Drama, SHILO

Filmmaker, producer, martial artist and actor Edwin S. Nichols III is now well into the next phase of his film career following the completion of his new movie, Shilo. A trailer has already made its way online and judging by the footage, there's plenty of substance to go on with Nichols III in a lead role for a story that would make Patrick Swayze proud.

Screener Review: ASSASSINATION (2015)

There is a lot for me to explore in cinema as there are tons of films I still need to see, including those of director Choi Dong-hoon. That said, his latest 1930's-set war drama, Assassination is very much an introduction to his craft for my own experience as a moviegoer, and there are a ton of moving pieces to this story as it's full of twists and turns that are sure to keep your attention.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feel The Heat In The New Trailer For MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS

Director Wes Ball is back and sending kids off to battle the elements and crazy mutant psychos in the deserted outer limits of a desolate world. Far and away from the Glade and the inner-confines of the harrowing maze of the 2013 thriller, The Maze Runner, this September will mark the arrival of the second offering based on author James Dashner's books in The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Katniss Is Done Playing Around In The New Trailer For THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2!

Well, it's been a great four years spending time and getting to know YA novel heroine, Katniss Everdeen via Lionsgate's The Hunger Games franchise. It's a franchise that has further popularized a trend in today's movie-going era for millenials and book fantatics alike, and as such, there still are, and will be plenty more where that came from.

GENOCIDAL ORGAN: Watch The New Promo For The Late Project Itoh's Sci-Fi Anime Thriller

It's been six years since the passing of popular sci-fi novelist and essayist pennamed Project Itoh. However, that hasn't stopped his inspired works from carrying on his legacy, and therin lies the agenda at hand for Fuji TV block, Noitamina, from gracing viewers with the forthcoming releases of three of his novels, one including director Murase Shukou's latest adaptation of Genocidal Organ, Itoh's 2007 debut.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Screener Review: WILD CITY (2015)

I have only seen just several Ringo Lam flicks in my time as a follower of the Hong Kong cinema. That stated, all are taken into account when encompassing the experience of Asian cinema, and with his latest return to the helm, Wild City will surely appeal to the niche after nearly seven years away from the director's chair.

Raven Banner And Sinister Cinema To Showcase TURBO KID In Canada Next Month!

RKSS's award-winning forthcoming post-apocalyptic fantasy fare, Turbo Kid, has seen quite the electric journey from its inception as a shortfilm entry to a fully-fledged and dazzling epic. The reviews are in and the fallout is nothing short of upworthy, and with the film releasing soon in select territories to expand after next month, I'm fairly certain at this point that audiences won't be disappointed.

SAN ANDREAS Star And Director Reunite For RAMPAGE Next Year!

Deadline is bringing word that star of the upcoming action comedy, Central Intelligence, actor Dwayne Johnson will be sustaining his action star-status in the forthcoming production of the live-action game adaptation, Rampage, reteaming once again with director Brad Peyton. The two previously worked on Johnson's latest role in Peyton's new disaster flick, San Andreas, which grossed up to $460 million dollars in theaters, so it appears this latest update is one that clearly makes sense.

Familiar Villainy Emerges In The New Trailer For SPECTRE

To the aformentioned notion from director Sam Mendes in recent headlines discussing his departure from the Bond franchise after completing his newest contribution, Spectre, it bares wondering who else would suit to helm the next go-around. There's no news there just yet, particularly since we're four months away from Spectre's release while promotional efforts get underway and opinions still stir about the latest 007 revival featuring Daniel Craig in the title role. And judging by the latest teasers and factoids we've observed, there are still questions that need answering.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BARELY LETHAL Heads To DVD & Digital HD Next Month. Watch The Trailer!

I honestly didn't expect director Kyle Newman's latest fish-out-of-water action comedy, Barely Lethal, to be so obscure in the past year or more. Thankfully though, the film isn't too far off from its forthcoming DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital releases next month, with actress Hailee Steinfeld starring as a young, highly trained spy on a whimsical quest of self-discovery on what it's like to be a "normal" teenage girl.

The Latest U.S. Trailer For South Korean Period Thriller, ASSASSINATION Is Here!

Not too far off its native theatircal release in South Korea is director Choi Dong-hoon's ensemble espionage thriller, Assassination. Well Go USA is proudly releasing the film in select theaters as of August 7, and their latest trailer is now circulating ahead of then.

Chris Mark To Make His Lead Debut In Team 2x's New Action Thriller, MEZA: DAVID'S STORY

It's been a couple of years since the folks over at Ontario-based martial arts film and stage performance troupe, Team 2X, initiated crowdsourcing for high-concept independent action adventure thriller, Genetix. Nowadays, with production having moved forward and already at its completion, the film has since taken new life under its new title, Meza: David's Story, spearheaded by stuntman Chris Mark (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Warcraft) making his lead acting debut with brother and team co-founder, industry stunt performer and coordinator James Mark (Wolves, Falling Skies, Pacific Rim) debuting at helm.

DRAGONFEST 2015: Steve Oedekerk Announces Plans For KUNG POW 2!

Actor and comedian Steve Oedekerk took to the crowd at Dragonfest on Sunday to announce a sequel to his 2002 hybrid kung fu comedy hit, Kung Pow: Enter The Fist. The film was an amalgam of new footage and audio edited and mixed via chroma key with that of the 1977 Jimmy Wang Yu actioner, Tiger And Crane Fist, and it's been thirteen years since the film's successful release by 20th Century Fox.

Disney's Live-Action Remake Of THE SWORD IN THE STONE Is Happening

Chalk this one up as another in a pot-filled with titles brandishing competitve forthcoming remakes of their own (I'm talking to you, Robin Hood). The word from THR suggests Disney is aiming for a live-action adaptation reinstalling its classic 1963 animated feature, The Sword In The Stone with script by Game Of Thrones series writer Bryan Cogman for Brigham Taylor to produce.

The XENA Series Reboot Was Happening, Then It Wasn't, But Now It Is...Is It?

If you watched television a lot and grew up in the 90's, there's a good chance that co-star of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the upcoming STARZ series horror reboot, Ash VS. The Evil Dead, Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless came under your radar then. Playing the landmark television title role for the hit series, Xena: Warrior Princess, Lawless was integral in establishing a female presence in action entertainment as an original villainess/anti-hero in an epic story that culminated Greek mythology with a worldly scope of fantasy, action and spiritualism.

Vlad Rimburg's New JCVD Fan Reel, I CAN DO IT, Voices The Gratitude Of A Generation!

When independent filmmaker and action designer Vlad Rimburg isn't training students and putting together lush action sequences like all of these, he's busy cutting some really cool and upbeat demo reels with a formula that truly gets the pulse going. Keep that in mind as you leer down below to his latest gem attributed to the Muscles From Brussels himself - action legend and co-star of the upcoming Asian superhero comedy, Pancake Man, actor Jean Claude Van Damme.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Jesse Eisenberg Feels Amazing In The New Trailer For AMERICAN ULTRA

If you're still having trouble absorbing actor Jesse Eisenberg as the lead of an action film, you're not alone. Beyond that,  it appears director Nima Nourizadeh and writer Max Landis have found a way to make it work with just a month to go before the release of the new action comedy, American Ultra, with Eisenberg as a stoner with a trigger that goes off and awakens a skillset that pretty much allows him to kick all of the asses. Kristen Stewart joins in on the fun with Topher Grace and John Leguizamo.

THE HIT LIST - July 20, 2015

Well, I'm certainly proud after last night. I don't get to have too many adventures with stunt professionals, but when I do, they're all inarguably some of the most fun experiences I continue to have. I guess I can only hope to share those experiences with even more people I include in the weekly Hit List...for now though, distance and affordability are my disadvantages. But that doesn't stop me from bringing the action where it is, so...

Makai Knights At War For The Soul In The Latest Teaser For 'GARO' Spin-Off, BIKU: YAMIGIRINOCHI

Tokusatsu mainstay, writer and filmmaker Amemiya Keita has a calling with his long standing popular suit-action franchise, Garo. Those familiar with the various aspects of the property through film and television will no doubt continue their fandom in the months ahead as they have been, especially with the exciting saga now gearing for its 10th Anniversary and J-idol girl group, AKH48 member Akimoto Sayaka starring.

Meetings And Greetings: A Night Out With ARCADE KILLERS's Own Slobo And Duy Panouvic

Photo Courtesy of Duy Panouvic, and as you can see, I was very, very thirsty.
A common practice for a lot of folks in the stunt industry outside of working on film sets, is to travel and explore other parts of the globe to acquaint with other stunt professionals - something particularly effective in an age where social media has since played a huge role in networking millions of people. Evidently, this is one area that professional stunt couple, Slobo and Duy Panouvic were keen to act on in the progression of their own careers having already spent quite awhile working their way up between working their native Germany, and in Cape Town, South Africa where they started their own professional team, Arcade Killers back in May of last year.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Michael Jai White Is Back With A Vengeance In The New Trailer For CHAIN OF COMMAND

It was late last year that action star Michael Jai White surprised everyone of his social media followers with a peculiar looking still from an unnamed film. The film, as it turned out, was Kevin Carraway's new independent action thriller, The Echo Effect, which has since taken shape through Lionsgate as Chain Of Command, and much to our delight for fans of White and co-star Steve Austin, its digital and DVD/Blu-Ray release isn't too far off.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sooo....This Happened!

Hey Utah! Chris Evans Is Coming To SALT LAKE COMIC-CON This September!

Salt Lake Comic Con is gearing up for its second run as one of the most attended events in the state, and word arrived via press release that actor and Marvel Cinematic Universe mainstay Chris Evans will be joining the number of listed actors pleasing the crowd this September. It further helps that his next film will be Captain America: Civil War from directors Anthony and Joe Russo next May, on top of several other titles within all three Marvel phases by 2019, and with the addition of names like actresses, Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One star Felicia Day and Deadpool co-star Morena Baccarin to name a few, there should be plenty of name power here to keep things steady.