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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Go Pound For Pound With The Cast And Crew Of POUND OF FLESH In A New Ten-Minute Featurette!

eOne is poised to release action star Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest action thriller, Pound Of Flesh in the U.S. this May while other territories currently await dates from their respective distributors. In the meantime, while it will be a few months before the film arrives so we can expect some more promotional gems to roll out between now and then.

POWER/RANGERS, Ceased By Saban, Now Back Online Following Settlement

It's funny how the smallest of details can mean the biggest of changes in the course of events. The latest online craze over Bootleg Universe's deboot short, Power/Rangers has been the biggest example of this as of four days ago, unleashing the biggest, darkest, most visually stunning and violent take on the 90's childrens' Ameritoku series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, just four days ago, followed by litigatory threats from billonaire media magnet and franchise owner Haim Saban and Saban Brands which ultimately led to its disabling on Vimeo and YouTube over a day later.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Shannon Lee & Co. To Produce The 'Definitive' Bruce Lee Biopic

It will be forty three years this July since the untimely death of martial arts legend and superstar Bruce Lee, the man whose short-lived career in film and television spawned a legacy that cultivated generations of martial arts sports and entertainment fans alike. Lee's life and legacy has always been an intriguing subject embraced through television and film via documentaries and fictional action packed dramas, and all these are subject to debate regarding whether or not how we all should feel about them.

Watch The Latest Trailer For The Upcoming Home Release Of HALO: NIGHTFALL

While fans await further updates on actor Mike Colter's plans as Luke Cage ahead of Netflix's future programming, gaming fans can finally catch him on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital HD in the upcoming release of Microsoft Studios's latest live-action treatment, Halo: Nightfall from director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.

Live-Action Manga Adap, ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM Gets A Full Trailer

Director Furusawa Takeshi's latest contribution to the live-action fray of manga storytelling is set to arrive in Japan cinemas in just a few weeks in the form of the new film, Assassination Classroom. Taking the torch from author Matsui Yusei's original publication, the film centers on the story of a classroom of unruly high school students who are promised top dollar from the government should one of them kill their new teacher - a yellow alien octopus who destroys 70% of the moon and promises to destroy Earth unless his newfound pupils can kill him, only they come to appreciate him as the best teacher they've ever had.

Harrison Ford To Return In BLADE RUNNER Sequel With Denis Villeneuve In Talks To Direct

It was back in May of last year that actor Harrison Ford was tapped to return to the role of futuristic detective Rick Deckhard in the 1982 sci-fi action noir, Blade Runner. This week, with Alcon Entertainment now taking the reigns to help move the new film forward and long after all the hopes that Ford would return, the word from Deadline is that Ford is officially returning to the role with Prisoners helmer Denis Villeneuve is also now in talks to direct after just recently wrapping his own new crime pic, Sicaro.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Netflix's DAREDEVIL Gets Two New Posters!

With Daredevil still set make its way to Netflix on April 10, the network officially rolled out brand new poster art in two versions this week, including an animated version. The series has been busy garnering a lot of buzz since debuting a gritty new teaser trailer earlier this month which offers quite the favorable imagery worthy of an action-packed show full of grit and darkness to whet the appetite.

Blake Lively To Star In Marc Forster's ALL I SEE IS YOU

It's good to see director Marc Forster back in the chair for a new film. Of course, it helps to know he's a man who dabbles in multiple genres so as to appreciate him as an all-around filmmaker, and his latest project, All I See Is You, will certainly favor those who like a little bit of everything. The new film puts The Age Of Adeline star, actress Blake Lively back in front of the camera as a blind woman who regains much more than her eyesight.

Check Out Ten Exclusive New Official Stills From ONCE UPON A TIME IN BERLIN

Further updates are still pending as we await the 2015 release of the upcoming martial arts action comedy, Once Upon A Time In Berlin. Debut directors Ufuk Genç and Michael Popescu are spearheading the production as it looks to put Berlin on the map for the genre, thanks in large part to the longstanding efforts of German martial arts film and stunt troupe, Reel Deal Action, whose members, Can Aydin, Cha-Lee Yoon and Phong Giang will also be making their feature acting debuts to accompany their natural screenfighting caliber.

Sam Mendes Talks SPECTRE In A New Set Video

Updates on the production on Sam Mendes's forthcoming new movie fron Sony Pictures, Spectre continues and several set pics have already begun making the rounds, including the very set photo above from earlier this month. Actor Daniel Craig reprises his role for the forth time with set of new faces taking the place of the franchise's classic characters, including the respective iterations of Moneypenny, M and Q by actress Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Wishaw.

Everything That Can Go Wrong Does Go Wrong In The New Trailer For Crooked Cop Drama, DIRTY

When you're a crooked cop treading both sides of the law, you can only get so far before tipping over on the wrong end - Such is the world of two detectives now caught up in their own criminal conspiracy layered with intrigue, mystery and danger in the new crime thriller, Dirty from director Daniel Ringey.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sony, Immersive Announce New 2-Year Deal, New Titles In Development

This may have been in the works before today, but now Sony Pictures is finally making is official with an announcement of their two-year first-look deal with Immersive Pictures. Their announcement includes a handful of meaty productions now in development with many of these titles having picked up steam in recent weeks, and several periodicals online have already reported them, so the details shouldn't be too hard to look up if one or more of these peaks your interest.

Evan Daugherty To Pen TOMB RAIDER Reboot For Warner Bros.

It's been close to fourteen years since Paramount Pictures introduced the filmgoing world to a live-action iteration of Lara Croft a la actress Angelina Jolie based on Square Enix's popular Tomb Raider game franchise. The film did well for itself while its sequel didn't perform equally at the box-office and that's so far been the history of the franchise until 2011 when GK Films's own, producer Graham King acquired the rights with MGM announcing their partneship for a theatrical reboot.

Indiegogo Alert: Help Bring Ninjas To NYC For Subway Cinema's 5th OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU FEST This April!

If you're like me and you're not a heavily educated film buff on classic ninja movies (I blame my deprived childhood for that one), then you understand what that kind of pain means. However, there is still hope as people like the longstanding cinephiles over at Subway Cinema are poised to host their fifth Old School Kung Fu Film Fest at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City with a slew of original 35mm prints of classic ninja films for our viewing pleasure. This year though, they're going to need a but more help.

Marko Zaror's REDEEMER Takes On A New Poster

We're still a ways from Santiago Violenta helmer Ernesto Diaz Espinoza's latest stint with Chilean action hero, actor Marko Zaror in the bilingual revenge opus, Redeemer, following its stellar film festival run late last year. At any rate, the film is getting release in North America from MPI Media's Dark Sky Films this summer with a date pending, and with an initial trailer already online, we now have a new poster making the rounds from the folks at XYZ Films who also produced the film. Take a look

Simon West To Tackle Cavill-Starring Actioner, STRATTON

Henry Cavill in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. From Warner Bros. Pictures (2015)
Man Of Steel star, actor Henry Cavill's days as a Kryptonian exile-turned-superhuman savior a la Zack Snyder will stake his claim once more next year in the growing ensemble lead-in to the  Justice League two-parter in the next several years with Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. In the meantime, while he's not taking flight and battling intergalactic foes, he's got plenty of other big screen titles to look forward to while maintaining other ends of film business behind the camera, including helping to manage the production of the forthcoming book adaptation, Stratton.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

KUNG FU PANDA 3 Adds A Second Director

Dreamworks Animation's restructuring process is going to see its fair share of challenges, particularly following last month's reported losses. Ultimately, this includes prioritizing only a handful of franchise films between now and summer of 2018 along with the recent acquisition of co-production status for the newly dated March 18, 2016 release of Kung Fu Panda 3.

[UPDATE] Joseph Kahn's POWER/RANGERS One-Shot Is A Deboot Of R-Rated War-Torn Epicness

Look anywhere on YouTube and you'll find any number of independently conceived concepts attributed to the Ameritoku crossover series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. There are a few in the works on smaller scales as well as a feature film from Lionsgate and Saban, and while many of these could likely hit all the similar tones of a kid-friendly show, there's at least one vision that's taken a life of its own which completely undoes it all.

THE HIT LIST - February 24, 2015

This week was a little nuts after trying to catch onto at least one more video for last week's post, so I didn't try too hard to hold out (actually, I did and fell asleep eventually, LOL) Luckily I managed to get everything I think I needed to so any late entries will just have to wait until next week. This one is pretty sizeable already what with all the crazy stunt reels and fight bits I found, so your mornings (or afternoons or evenings) should relatively be entertaining.

Monday, February 23, 2015


It's a bit surprising to see actor Wesley Snipes head to the small screen seeing as how his career has been largely theatrical, but it certainly lends some exciting news for NBC viewers now as the network ramps up its slate of pilots for 2015. Word from Deadline has it that he'll be joining lead actor Phillip Winchester in the upcoming pilot episode for the new series, Endgame.

Language Runs Afowl With Fisticuffs In New BTS Footage For GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS: UNDERGROUND

Director James Nunn's latest ode to hooligan vengeance in Green Street Hooligans: Underground is finally hitting North American shores on DVD following a limited theatrical release earlier this year. Action star and actor Scott Adkins portrays a former hooligan himself, now forced back in the fray to investigate his brother's death and unleash his own brand of old school bare-knuckle justice with co-stars Jack Doolan, Kacey Barnfield, Spencer Wilding and co-star/action director Joey Ansah rounding out the cast.

Beatings, Bruises And Drama Galore In GACHIBAN: NEW GENERATION 1 And 2. Watch The Trailers For Both!

The Gachiban film series has stood the test of time in the years since launching in 2008 as a spoof of Miike Takashi's Crows films. Nowadays you'll find well over twenty titles in the saga with several directors at the helm gearing toward a specific niche of fans who've grown extra fond of the Yanki movie sub-genre category that's been observed time and again in several films and franchises focused on young, twenty-something delinquents who get caught up in their own respective troubles often coupled with outlandish humor and climatic battles with over-the-top fisticuffs and brawls galore.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

POUND OF FLESH Weighs In With A New Release Date!

One of the more promising titles of late this year will be one for hardcore fans of action star Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest action thriller, Pound Of Flesh. Taking on China's seedy underworld in search of his missing kidney, Van Damme plays Deacon, a former military operative who wages a one-man war against an entire criminal organization with his niece's life at stake.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Watch The New Trailer For French-Language Spoof, THE TRUE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD

There have long been different iterations up for debate on just who legendary archer and folk hero Robin Hood really was. Well, leave it to writer and director Anthony Marciano to offer his own comical take on the original story, now in the form of Robin des Bois, la véritable histoire...or, The True Story Of Robin Hood with actors Max Boublil and Malik Bentalha and actress Géraldine Nakache starring. True or not, this one promises a fair share of giggles for all, rich or poor.

THE GUNMAN Sees Red In Three New Character Posters

Director Pierre Morel's upcoming international actioner, The Gunman, is coming on March 20, and while the trailers have been nothing short of stellar, a few bits of poster art that have gone viral have been either hit or miss. This week, we finally have some more artwork to share via IMDb, which ought to help gain the film some more attention with the film now a month away from its release. The red ought to be of some use here.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Haley Bennett Reunites With Washington And Fuqua For THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!

Last year's go-around with the Denzel Washington/Antoine Fuqua hit pairing, The Equalizer, turned out some really amazing from its cast. One such performance came from supporting actress Haley Bennett who plays a friend to that of lead actress Chloe Grace Moretz in the story of a monastic former government operative whose fight for a young girl's freedom from human traffickers turned into a sprawling one-man war against an entire criminal organization, and at the rate we're going, we could very well see a sequel.

Christian Howard Was Born Ready In The New Teaser For JACK!

Hold on to your mullets and hero poses! LA-based Threw A Glass Productions has a batch of new projects running in 2015, including one that dares to revitalize the classic 1980's action hero with a few laughs to spare. Meet Jack, an action hero of satire built from the remnants of action cinema glory from a time when Stallone and Schwarzenegger were at their peak. Such nostalgia comes courtesy of in-house writer and director, actor Christian Howard (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Warrioress) who stars in the title role, and for this, we now get a teaser that's worth every second he milks it for the camera.

Toa Fraser's THE DEAD LANDS Scores A New Red-Band Trailer!

And just like that, following Thursday's poster reveal now comes the official trailer for director Toa Fraser's latest Maori action adventure thriller, The Dead Lands. If you're new to the title and are looking forward to possibly seeing something truly amazing at the movies, you're just in time as this particular gem has already earned the favorability of critics and movie goers since its domestic premiere in New Zealand after its 2014 film festival run. Yes, there are plenty of reasons to go to the movies this year, and accordingly, The Dead Lands is one to take note of!

Watch The Theatrical Trailer For The U.S. Release Of SNOW GIRL AND THE DARK CRYSTAL 3D!

Going two-for-two this week, Well Go USA recently announced the acquisition of the new fantasy action adventure, Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal, on the heels of its release in China just this week. Now, we have a trailer to share, and gladly enough, the film will be getting its just dues in 3D as well when the film arrives at our shores on February 27, 2015.

Jason Momoa Rules In A New AQUAMAN Photo By Zack Snyder

While director Zack Snyder's twitter account continues to be a source of major fandom for the upcoming March 25, 2016 release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, a new photo is now going viral presenting actor Jason Momoa as the King Of The Seven Seas himself, Aquaman. Momoa was finally confirmed for the role last summer after months and months of fleeting press coverage denying his involvement with Warner Bros's DC Movie slate.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

THE WHITE-HAIRED WITCH Gets A Trailer And US Release Date

2014 proved to be a notable continuance of milestone achievements in visually stunning filmmaking. Amplifying much of its ventures into 3D territory with director Jacob Cheung's The White Haired Witch serving as a credible example of these endeavors.

Ryan Barrett Goes Unhinged In The Violent New Teaser For THE DEMOLISHER!

Forget Kick-Ass...Actor Ryan Barrett is done taking your shit in Canadian director Gabriel Carrer's newest indie crime thriller, The Demolisher. The film already has a few stills floating around online as of last year but we finally have a trailer going viral, and its filled good and plenty with all the darkness and realism you'd like in a vigilante thriller of this kind.

STRIKE BACK Stars Head To NBC With Two Seperate Pilots, BLINDSPOT And ENDGAME

Sullivan Stapleton (L) and Phillip Winchester (R) in STRIKE BACK
Careers remain ever-growing for actors Phillip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton following their finished run in Cinemax's five-season action series, Strike Back. The two are now venturing into other territories in the world of television as both will have their own respective shows on NBC's growing roster of pilots and potential series ventures.

Kellan Lutz And More To Star In EXTRACTION With Bruce Willis

Kellan Lutz in THE EXPENDABLES 3 From Lionsgate
Director Steven C. Miller's latest action thriller, Extraction, has only just begun filming, and casting news is finally making the rounds. The film began principal photography just yesterday in Mobile, Alabama with producers Randall Emmett and George Furla and Adam Goldworm on hand, and now the film has officially added one other key cast member for the film's plot.

THE DEAD LANDS Gets A U.S. Poster And Theatrical/VOD Release Date

Director Toa Frasier's latest Maori action epic, The Dead Lands, has stood the test of time since its film festival accolades last year prior to its New Zealand release. The film is finally extending its roll-out to other territories in 2015, including in North America where it will first premiere in limited theaters and through video-on-demand beginning on April 17 following its acquisition by Magnet Releasing. As such, we now have a fresh new poster to accomodate. It's not too different from the artwork presented last year, but its still worth taking notice. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Neill Blomkamp Officially Announces ALIEN Sequel

Put a little concept art online and people lose their minds! In this case, we veer over to the viral artwork of District 9 and Elysium helmer Neill Blomkamp whose conceptual pieces have been making the rounds for sometime now with reference to the once short-lived prospects of an Alien sequel.

New Line To Reboot SHAFT

It's been more than forty years since actor Richard Roundtree made blaxploitation history in the 1971 film, Shaft, centered on a badass New York detective who infiltrates the city's criminal underworld to help free a mob boss's daughter. Directed by Gordon Parks, the film's success spawned two more films while briefly extending its reign to television, accompanied by the award-winning sounds of Isaac Hayes's chart-topping signature theme song for the franchise at the time. The film also succeed into a non-linear pseudo-remake in 2000 with actor Samuel L. Jackson starring, in which Roundtree himself made a cameo.

Will Smith To Star And Produce BOUNTY For Paramount

Actor Will Smith may not be battling aliens anytime soon in any capacity for an Independence Day sequel, and following 2013's After Earth, the jury is still out on how he feels about doing big-scale films aside from his current obligations to director David Ayer's Suicide Squad over in Vancouver this April. His latest film, Focus, with Suicide Squad co-star and leading lady Margot Robbie is certainly an exemplary change of pace and one that will hopefully set Smith in a more comfortable state of mind when it comes to doing bigger films. 

The Official Trailer For POUND OF FLESH Has Arrived!

Well, I think we're finally getting somewhere what with all the early trailer leaks and take downs of content. An official first trailer has gone viral for director Ernie Barbarash's new movie, Pound Of Flesh and needless to say, as pristine as this new footage is, it is also equally welcoming for fans of lead action star Jean-Claude Van Damme in general. 

Mario Kassar Return To CAROLCO PICTURES As Chairman Of The Board

Since its rise in the 1970's and 1980's, Carolco Pictures has seen quite a journey in film history. Home to many a blockbuster with with films like the Terminator and Rambo movies, anyone who ever owned a VHS tape of these never went without seeing the Carolco title logo after pressing play, and for this, fans of American cinema have a lot to say in thanks to its founders Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna.


China's upward mobility in the world of CGI-heavy filmmaking is slowly gaining ground with its fair share of bigger-scale productions between several studios, and one of its latest is no exception. Zhong Kui: Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal bodes as a meaty and ferocious epic with nearly all the trimmings as seen in several of its trailers leading up to its release in addition to some of the stunning poster art now making the rounds and if you're curious as to how a film of this caliber will be received in the U.S., then you're in luck!

Well Go USA/Iron Dragon TV Jointly Release BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES On February 24!

Kung fu and asian cinema fans have plenty of reasons to find some of their favorite titles now well on their way to release via Iron Dragon TV. Hopefully you're a subscriber by nowthrough its recent launch on the UltraFlix network as the brand is continaully proving itself as a leader in 4K high-definition film presentation, and of course, what better way to enjoy such muscular hardware than stylish martial arts action?

The 'Best Of The Best' Is Unveiled In The New Story Trailer For UNLUCKY STARS!

I don't always get quoted in trailers, but when I do, I consider it somewhat of a milestone achievement and it's always humbling. So as much as I ramble about movies, it's great to see the recognition, especially from debut director Dennis Ruel whose newly releasing film, Unlucky Stars, is taking off with plenty of high marks and praise from fans and critics alike. And surely enough with this film lending itself as an homage to the immortal legacy of the Hong Kong action comedy, a film like this undoubtely deserves a following, as well as all the support it can get from anyone who has ever loved kung fu cinema.

THE HIT LIST - February 18, 2015

This week's list is a few days late putting together. It should have been up on Monday night but I had every intention of sharing one video that didn't release until the following evening. On a seperate note, I did manage to find a few teasers - one I decided not to include in this article because I wanted to learn a little more about it. It's a challenge I hope to overcome so I can share it provided its not too late, but anyway, here's this week's little gathering of goods!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NBC's WARRIOR Adds Lance Gross And Andy Allo

Television is currently the best place to catch some of the best action ever shot on film if movies can't come fast enough for you. For this, we look to NBC's most recent announcement of a new pilot for the potential series, Warrior, which is already getting some significant attention as of late with a cast that so far included actress Natalie Martinez leading opposite actor Will Yun Lee.

Shortfilm Review: CHAMELEON (2015)

At the time, 2013 saw the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for a spectacular new indie action series titled Streets Of Myth. That particular project is currently on hold, but it did introduce me to the cinematic stylings of filmmaker, actor and martial artist, Beau Fowler, whose strengths in front of the camera dare to equally match behind it as well.

Mankind To Battle Mutant Cockaroaches On Mars In Miike Takashi's Live-Action TERRA FORMARS Movie

Japanese film auteur Miike Takashi (Crows, Yatterman, Ichi The Killer) is still on par to release his latest self-described return to form with the upcoming action horror, Yakuza Apocalypse. Obviously based on the most recent teaser, such a film will delve into the usual gonzo array of gory imagery and wackiness to accomdate the creative vision planned here, but that's Miike for you, and to suggest there's a limit to his style would be the equivalent of expecting gravity to work in outer space, which reminds me...


As practical as it is for filmmakers to make movies set within a specific decade or a certain period in time, there's always been something admirable when a director's vision harkens back to a time period as recent as the last five decades, particularly the seventies. To date, it's an era most people can still relate to given how varying cultural aspects of that time frame have inspired quite a handful of the artists living today, and to say the least, directing duo Jose Montesinos and Brett Stillo clearly fit the category.

Monday, February 16, 2015

'Go Hard Or Go Home' In A Newly Released Song From The FURIOUS 7 Soundtrack

Between now and April, I admit that what I would really love to see are some cool character posters ahead of the forthcoming theatrical April 3 release of director James Wan's Furious 7. Character posters are all the rave nowadays, I love awesome artwork and I am hugely fascinated with curiousity as to how they will feature the film's cast, especially with one of its main leads newly departed from us. Nevertheless, the campaign continues with just a month-and-a-half left to go, and perhaps that will be plenty of time to see whatever the production rolls out ahead of the film's release.

Kiai-Kick Films Presents The Official Poster And Site Of The New Mini Webseries, CORNERED

Donald Brooks and Bobby Hernandez in the upcoming new series, CORNERED
The online independent action community is poised to add yet another to the list of entertaining gems viewable on the web this year. Dallas Fort Worth native and Kiai-Kick.com founder, Austin-based indie filmmaker Michael S. Moore has launched the official website for his thrilling new webseries, Cornered, and while no stranger to martial arts action, the latest bit of teaser footage he unveiled earlier this month offers something promising to look forward to ahead of its release.