Benedict Wong and Tom Wu (right) in "Marco Polo" (Netflix)
Hopefully by now you've managed to catch all of Netflix's original series, Marco Polo since its December 12 debut last year. Lorenzo Richelmy stars in the title role inspired by the life and legend of the young 13th century explorer with a story packed full of drama, intrigue, lust and danger in the tumultous millieu of Kublai Khan's court, and to no understating at all.

The show pushed it fair share of envelopes with this one under the guide of creator John Fusco with a number of interesting characters, including the role of blind warrior monk and martial arts expert, One Hundred Eyes, played vibrantly by actor Tom Wu who now appears in a new promo for the show's spin-off, Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. The show airs on December 26 only on Netflix, and again, I sincerely hope you've caught the show first and foremost, because it's one of the most rich and entertaining shows to date and invariably deserves a second season which recently wrapped principal photography this month for next year.

Trust and believe - see the show and mark your calendars for next Saturday. Watch the new promo below along with a featurette from a few weeks ago.


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