Watch The Chilling New Trailer For Rob Hawk's COLD

Director Rob Hawk appears bent on turning some of today's talented female fighting athletes into notable screen actresses. No argument here of course, with MMA thriller Fight Valley right around the corner as we now approach Hawk's next venture, Cold with the UFC's own Felice Herrig making her debut.

Truck drivers Keeta Gregory, and Holly Montero departed at 6 A.M. on December 22nd, 2015 with a delivery truck full of pallets of ice, and miscellaneous frozen items to be delivered to a variety of locations in two different states by 5pm. The last report to dispatch computer reads "Order Completed". Now, 4 days later, the girls were never heard from again.  
We follow Detective Aly Black through her investigation, as she unravel's the puzzle pieces left behind. One by one , solving a very  gruesome and heartbreaking case.
2016 is going to be a good year for Hawk and friendly fans of MMA, and judging by the trailer below, Cold sure looks like a positive and rather warming sign of that. Check it out below!


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