Sunny Pang Lends An Evil Stare Along With A Masked Julie Estelle In New Photos From HEADSHOT

Star Wars fans may be getting their Iko Uwais fix in J.J. Abrams's newest movie set in a galaxy far far away this week. In the meantime, production remains on going for the latter portion of his newest title with director pair, the Mo Brothers', Headshot.

Filming is almost complete for the new movie which began early last month seeing Uwais in the role of an amnesiac mysteriously injured and in the care of a nurse who treats him until his violent past catches up to him accordingly. Such a plot sets things up quite nicely for an Uwais vehicle as this and with directors Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel back together at the helm following the 2014 horror hit, Killers.

That said, Tjahanto is still rolling out some of the best gems from the lens and with some amazing shots at our characters. The production itself is something I reckon goes without question seeing as how Uwais own team is designing and coordinating the devastating fight sequences, including those that will evidently feature actress Julie Estelle along with Singaporean action star and actor Sunny Pang, both of whom can be seen in new stills which you can now view below.

More updates are needed and with the film on its last leg, production could finish before the year ends or stretch into next year with action sequences still left to film depending on what's required. Beyond that, teaser could arrive anytime between now and next summer for a release possibly a year from now.

Screenplay Infinite Film and Surya Citra Media (SCM) are distributing the film at home in Indonesia while international sales representative and co-financier, Nikkatsu, sets the film's course in Japan and throughout Asia, and the U.S. awaits a release date courtesy of XYZ Films and Vertical Entertainment; the latter recently paired with Canada's Raven Banner Entertainment this week for the North American release of Jason Krawzcyk's new horror comedy, He Never Died.


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