Santa Sammo Celebrates Christmas With Two New Posters For THE BODYGUARD

Sadly we're still left in the dark regarding action star Sammo Hung's upcoming action adventure thriller, The Bodyguard. There's still no release date or any other details about this film, while its also one title I'm specifically trying to keep an eye on for a 2016 release; I dread that this film ends up spilling into 2017 for some reason.

Anyway, hopefully the wait won't be long and maybe we'll see some things happen by next Christmas. With that in mind, staying off radar hasn't stopped Hung from getting in the Holiday spirit with at least two holiday posters in promotion of the new movie (hat tip to Asian Film Strike) in which he directs and stars. Hung plays a retired bodyguard living on the Russia/China border who ends up resorting back to using his particular set of skills to help an embattled father rescue his daughter from the clutches of evil gangsters.

Provided the film's setting and time are suitable, does this mean we'll see him do it in a Santa suit? Probably not. But please, Sammo, do prove me wrong.

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