Place Your Bets In The New Trailer For FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3D

The past two years have proven fruitful for film duo Wong Jing and Andy Lau in the wake of their latest God Of Gamblers revival, From Vegas To Macau. The new title now spawning a trilogy of spectacular feats led by legendary thesp Chow Yun-Fat comes full circle with the new movie, From Vegas To Macau 3D and further upping the antee than that of its predecessor, here and now with robots and all sorts of gadgetry to showcase the next-level storytelling, energetic action and comedy that awaits; Yes, Chow chastising a mannequin is pretty chuckle-inducing.

A grand wedding ceremony is being held at a resort hotel in Macau. It is the wedding of Ken’s daughter, Rainbow and his protégé, Vincent. Ken’s close friends, Vic and Mark are also on the guest list. During the ceremony, Mark receives a call from his buddy, Michael Chan, warning him to beware of a mysterious tycoon who has hired mercenaries to kill Ken. The wedding is sabotaged, while Ken and Mark are accused to have engulfed DOA’s illicit money. Ken and Mark are once again being hunted down by assassins and luckily Michael comes to their rescue with the help of Faye, Ko Chun’s niece and Long Wu Jr. In a twist of events, Ken stands in as a double for Ko Chun to participate in “The Ultimate Men Charity Ball” and wins his way through with the help from his friends. Together, they have to pursue the mastermind who has entangled them in his evil plans…

The full trailer has finally arrived courtesy of GSC Movies ahead of its release in February. Check it out below!


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