Gordon Chan's Period Epic, GOD OF WAR Gets Cast And Plot Details

Courtesy of MTime
We're more than a month since director Gordon Chan began filming his newest, God Of War, with a report that gave us an early look at actor Vincent Zhao starring. Bona Film Group's own Yu Dong is producing the film and slowly but surely, just a few more details are finally trickling with several more pictures highlighting cast and costumes.

Sammo Hung, his son - actor Timmy Hung, and fellow action legend, Kurata Yasuaki, are joining the new period flick with a script co-written by Chan which forsees Zhao and Hung in the respective roles of Ming general Qi Jiguang and Shaolin Master/General Yu Dayou as they prepare an army to fight Japanese pirates on Eastern coast of China; That's about as far as the plot goes at this point until further details are finally made clear, but whatever happens, Hung himself will be styling the action himself, so this ought to be fun now matter what.

At any rate, hat tip to Asian Film Strike for the photos now surfacing via Chinese media.

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