Get A First Look At Tom Wu In A New MARCO POLO: ONE HUNDRED EYES Promo

Netflix is officially releasing a first look at actor Tom Wu in the upcoming original series program, Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. For the unknowing, your best solution is to look up the first season of Marco Polo which aired exclusively on Netflix a little over a year ago with Wu in the role of the warrior monk imprisoned in the employ of Kublai Khan's court.

The show's central focus alone on lead actor Lorenzo Richelmy's portrayal notwithstanding, the series is laden with layered characters and depth that has otherwise earned Wu his own spotlight. Here and now back in the title role, the show will aim its focus on the origins and events that led to what we now see in season one; It's fair to say considering who we're dealing with, expect to see more kung fu badassery in the mix no matter what.

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes airs this Saturday on Netflix!


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