The official Facebook homebase for filmmaker and actor Joey Ansah's campaign for better Street Fighter movies and shows is bustling once more on Christmas day in lieu of the upcoming miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection. A new photo has surfaced with actor Mike Moh back in a much more withered and worn gi with a stronger pair of Ansatsuken gloves to reprise his role as Ryu from the 2014 show, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Aside from the white headband which left us off with a red one at the end of the series, you can tell this newest version has gone through quite a journey with a big difference between his earlier look and the newest. Accordingly, there's a ten-year jump between both images as per the set up for the new series which also invites actor Christian Howard as fellow Ansatsuken inheritor, Ken, in addition to the premiere of Nash, played by martial artist and actor Alain Moussi among other characters set to appear.

The new series premieres in March exclusively on go90. Stay tuned for more exciting content!


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