Bullets And Beer Over London In The New THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY Poster

If you're just tuning in, you've sadly been missing the onslaught of trailers that have been making the rounds for Louis Letterier's new film, The Brothers Grimsby. The comedy is obviously not for the feint of heart and especially if Sacha Baron Cohen is leading the way in that department, which leads to question just how well this odd pairing with actor Mark Strong as long lost brothers will bode upon the film's release in March. At any rate though, here's a brand new poster courtesy of IMDb that should help grant an idea or several.

Really though, the trailers speak for themselves with gags that go straight for ballsy and outlandish next to some slick-looking action which Letterier is principally known for having helmed quite a few headliners in his career. Also starring are Penelope Cruz who plays our villain with Rebel Wilson, Gabourey Sidibe and martial arts star Scott Adkins rounding out the cast.


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