BLOODY REVENGE Draws Plenty Of The Red Stuff In The Latest Trailer

Director Alip Santosa's latest bilingual thriller carries a tone likening to action whilst primarily adhering to a more contemplative crime millieu more than anything, and judging by the trailers circulating online for the last few years, it looks quite appealing. It's the new film, Bloody Revenge, which puts Indonesian actress Cinta Dewi right in the center of Hong Kong where the search for her sister ultimately takes a few gruesome turns for the worse.

Clearly this is a road with no returning point, because now she's out for blood and with a blunt farming blade as her tool of choice, she's eager to get the job done no matter what. Actor Zack Lee and Singaporean action star Sunny Pang are the villains in this one for its current release date set for January 7, 2016.

Check out a trailer below followed by an extended trailer just beneath.


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