ZOOLANDER 2 Gets A Trailer With More Magnum And Blue Steel. And Justin Bieber Dying.

To think there was once a time that a film like Zoolander would only appeal as somewhat an awkward and goofy comedy, is pretty much the antithesis of its box office success. For that you have to give it to actor and director Ben Stiller who, after fifteen years of containing museum exhibits, 'Fockers' and a secret life, is finally back with Zoolander 2, now with even more left-turning and mopey faced Stiller as he and Owen Wilson try to stave off death by old age, ugly looks and bad fashion.

Penelope Cruz joins in as well, along with an eye-browless Benedict Cumberbatch, Justin Bieber dying before a selfie, and Will Ferrell, in a muscle suit for some reason. The second trailer is below and it does offer some nice little action and spectacle to accomodate the awkwardness and goofdom.


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