YOU CAN'T HEAR ME, YOU CAN'T SEE ME, But You Can Do Both With A Ten Second Teaser Clip From The New Action Short!

With Street Society helmer Awi Suryadi and actor and martial artist Andrew Suleiman still working the festival rounds with their latest Holy Bastards proof short, You Can't Hear Me, You Can't See Me, I'm guessing we are not too far off from its online release. As for what that means for its feature film prospects, I am uncertain, although the short itself guarantees something particularly fun for fans of the genre, and I've said that many times in the past year and a half I've discussed it.

For what it's worth though and while we keep waiting for its full release, we do have at least ten seconds of it now online to share and view. For the unknowing, it's ten seconds of Capoeira stylist, actor Verdy Bhawanta as a deaf mute during the key fight in which he and Suleiman in the role of a blind man, fend off a horde of hooded monastic thugs to protect actress Hannah Al-Rashid, a blind songstress who tunes everything out when she starts strumming her guitar and singing.

More of that when the short releases, of course, but for now, ten seconds of Bhawanta in his element, and kicking plenty of ass. Take it all in.


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