THE HIT LIST - November 30, 2015

My Thanksgiving weekend almost tempted me to opt out of putting together another Hit List! What can I say, it was fun to unplug and I'll probably do more of that in the near future. In the meantime, a new installment is here for the week with a great deal of stunt reels and just a few shortfilms and test fights to share...

So, let's kick this off with the usual assortment of stunt reels to warm things up, and it begins with a fantastic new reel by stuntman and independent filmmaker Emmanuel Manzanares, and we'll have more on him a little later. Following up are more reels as of late from other indie film and stunt guys including Shaun Charney and Greg Poljacik, along with those from Nicola Bokardo, Naomi Turvey, Torrey Vogel, Domenica Rossi, Ben Tardif, Nick Krawiec, David G. Pelta, Alli Marrie and a new team real by 360 Stunt Team!

As far as trailers go, I did manage to find a promo featurette for an upcoming Telugu action short called Breach. Thomas Jay directs hailing from Hyderabad-based production banner, The Ravengerz with a story that pits spy against spy representing opposing organizations. The story and the action and acting look pretty interesting so far and it looks like this one has been on the way for close to a year if not more than. At any rate, we'll be seeing this one at some point after Tuesday this month, so check out the featurette below and keep your eyes peeled.

Before beginning the fights, we now venture into another deserving moment for actor, martial artist and stuntman Eric Jacobus, Baek With A Vengeance for his latest kicking tribute to the popular Namco/Bandai game franchise, Tekken. It's the fourth in a series of videos and they are all available right now on his channel, and each present more and more substantial evidence to bring him on board a live-action feature film reboot that was announced earlier this year. That's just my opinion, but I'm sticking to it nonetheless!

And now, onto to some of the best of the internet in indie fight action, and we kick things off here with another amazing choreo sampler courtesy of Evan Taylor and Jason Ng, followed by Greg Poljacik's Breakout and Nathan Quattrini's latest dystopian survival experiment, Supply Drop. The latter two thereafter are just a few minutes longer and chock-full of action and comedy with Emmanuel Manzanares's latest kung fu Western concept four years in the making, From Man To Man (Da Uomo a Uomo), and Darren Holmquist's new brawler rom comedy sequel, Fightr 2 - otherwise known as how to send your fighting date mixed messages!

Last but far from least, independent filmmaker Sophano Van finally made it to the Urban Action Showcase & Expo for his latest take on Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon with a fanfilm that has nonetheless earned the respect of the original film's star, Taimak. The Last Dragon 2: Leroy Goes To Hollywood follows Evan Copage in the title role as he pursues the love of his life, but not before dealing with Fo'Sho, the self-proclaimed Shogun Of Hollywood.

The film misses its mark in a lot of places due to a lot of mid-production shortcomings. Nonetheless, the project still gets an A for effort in a few areas. LePage has the role of the humble-yet-glowing martial arts master, Leroy Green, down to a tee, and the final fight has some really exciting moments. Feel free to cast judgement elsewhere for awhile and enjoy what this little fan film has to offer to kung fu fans around the web.

Feel free to subscribe to these channels and make sure to catch up on last week's entries. More importantly, sharing is caring, so if you or someone you know makes awesome action gems for netizens and action fans alike, share it with us at!


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