THE HIT LIST - November 23, 2015

So I pretty much spent my weekend doubling down on a serious Netflix binge. It was a necessary evil though, so I'm sure it'll benefit me sometime in the not-too-distant future after this. In the meantime, I've gotten a few goodies together for this week's Hit List which I've just edited at the last minute for your viewing pleasure.

Alex Vu gets things started with his newest stunt reel followed by Linda Jewell, Tarah Paige, Stephen Bralver, Sari Sabella and Vanessa Motta. The last reel of the playlist continues what I believe is the on-going case for why exactly actor, martial artist and stuntman Eric Jacobus is the go-to guy to direct the action for the upcoming Tekken film. He's demonstrated his prowess for at least two characters before this, including Hwoarang and Lei Wulong, and now he's back as the late Chris Farley-inspired Tekken franchise character, Bobby.

Cue the awesomeness!

The next video will be a seperate entry and it comes from footage courtesy of National Geographic by way of the 2012 documentary, Dragon Girls. It's a musical montage of the lifestyle of young children at China's largest martial arts academy which NatGeo has titled 36,000 Kids You Don't Want To Mess With, which, needless to say, is sound advice.

As far as trailers go, we only have one and it's one that's very worthy of your attention courtesy of K&K Productions. Their latest contribution to manga/anime fandom with the long-awaited production and airing of Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga remains on course for delivery and needs help from fans, now with a new Indiegogo campaign to aid in a speedy post production process. Director and co-creator Harry Kirby has a fully detailed campaign video now up and running to help bring you to speed on their goals for the Saiyan Saga and more. But more to the point, their scene teaser is just below and is full of good kick ass chi to release once you press play!

And now, onto some cinematic action in a new playlist of fight gems and shortfilms. First off is a new entry from Splinter Unit Action Design called End Of The Line from director Keith Davis, and KO Action's latest Krav Maga-centric concept, Vengeance, led by stuntman Keil Zepernick and directed by Ty Hunt. Following that up is tonight's official premiere of Zach Livingston's jazzy new single take action short, Charger, actor and stunt coordinator Tim Storms in a new fantasy action short from Creative Action Development and Z-Team Films titled Pharoah, actor Jim Park's latest Kenpo-centric action drama, Coda. The last is a fifteen-minute action thriller from Singapore-based actor and director Kasimir Cieslak Poh titled Bounty, clearly taking some cues from The Raid but still offers a little something for its efforts courtesy of What Productions and The KODS in association with JKHH Films.

Last and far from least, martial arts fans familiar with actor Philip Ng may be keen on his career advancement nowadays with his latest big move, George Nolfi's Birth Of The Dragon. With any luck one might see its way to us in late 2016 or earlier in 2017, but this is not withour Ng's merits earned in years prior having served as actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator on multiple projects, including a 2011 romantic comedy short titled Somebody To Love, the story of a man who mysteriously wakes up from a drunken sleep only to find his life turned upside down at the behest of a greedy, lovelorn gangster. Hong Kong stunt veteran Jude Poyer designed the action and while some editing preferences didn't make the final cut, it still bodes as entertaining. Seamus Walsh directs!
That's all for this week's Hit List and be sure to subscribe to these channels and catch last week's awesome content if you have room in your schedule to spare. Moreover, if you yourself create awesome action sequences for film or have an amazing stunt reel you think should be a hit, send it over to us at!


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