Indie Fight Drama, ENTER THE CAGE, Gets A Festive Pound-For-Pound Teaser

Just a year off of his latest award-winning Cannes favorite, The Eleventh Hour, director K. John McDonagh is back with his newest independent fight flick, Enter The Cage. Filming began back in the Summer with actor, P.K.A. Middleweight Champion and stunt coordinator, Dean "Crazy Legs" Williams leading the cast following earlier crowdfunding efforts while photography expected to continue between now and next year upon its release.

For now though and with all that's left to do, the production just ponied up a teaser this week to present a glimpse of what the film will look like, and though the story is set in the U.S., the film is largely being shot in various locales of Birmingham in the U.K. to help present a concurrent North American MMA atmosphere. There isn't much dialogue in the teaser, although if you don't mind some 80's new wave rock to coincide with your dose of independent MMA action on film and glances of sultry femme fatales, it should suit you well.

And yes, that's martial arts legend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace at the 1:25 and 1:45 marks.

In the near future, the only sport that counts is Cage Fighting - to the death. 
When a small semi pro team are given the chance to fight against one of the largest teams in the country it could be the answer to their financial problems. However they must put their lives on the line to fight in the cage of death against some of the most vicious and deadly fighters in the world. They don't stand a chance, until a dark stranger with a darker past enters their lives.
Watch the teaser now!


  1. The action itself look great, but the music is simply cringeworthy. 🎶🎶💩

  2. The only line of dialogue is brilliant. I may be slightly biased though.


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