Get Another Close Up Of Our Killer Villains In The Upcoming Short, ZAMBO DENDE!

Director Riccardo Gabrielli R.'s superhero action short, Zambo Dende, is still in post production with a trailer arriving between now and early next month. In the meantime hopefully you've kept up in the last year or more since this project started taking shape as it advances the prospects of a Latin American superhero entering the arena of today's saturated market laden with comic book movie fandom.

Action star Marko Zaror is up to lead the shortfilm inspired by the work of creator Nicolas Rodriguez who is teasing yet another glimpse of what's to come, here and now with a few of our villains portrayed by Esteban Cueto, Michelle Lee and Tait Fletcher. Zaror plays the title character who finds his destiny as savior and defender against Latin America's slave trade in the 16th century, and these three in the photo below are just a handful of the deadly henchmen our hero will face.

Take a look below and stick around, because we're not too far off from a teaser and we'll be sure to share it here when it arrives; If you want another look at our characters for good measure, click here!


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