Eddie Peng Headlines Derek Kwok's BIOGRAPHY OF WUKONG For 2017

With the ancient mythology of Wu Cheng'en's "Journey To The West" taking precedent in Chinese cinema as of late, Full Strike helmer Derek Kwok is putting forth his own work on a new live-action adaptation of the same narrative. This time, its Biography Of Wukong with Rise Of The Legend and Unbeatable star Eddie Peng starring in the title from Kwok's own script, based on the 2004 publication, Wukong Chuan from author Jin He Zai.

Photos have already begun making the rounds and while plot details are pending, it is guaranteed that some characters familiar with those in the know are bound to appear - Wild City and Helios co-star Shawn Yue joins Peng in the role of Erlangshen, the third truth-eye-seeing nephew of the Jade Emperor according to Wu 16th century novel. At any rate, this won't be the last of the Monkey King folklore for years to come with at least seven more titles on the way from different directors, so be sure to observe these films sparingly, because you're about to get your fill in droves.

The Flowers Of War and Tony Chan's Bride Wars remake co-star Ni Ni also stars in the new film ahead of its tentative 2017 release. Stay tuned for more info!


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