Amy Johnston Conquers The Devil In A New Banner Image For THE GATE

Post production is well underway and so fans are much closer to a teaser for director Kellie Madison's latest crowdfunding success, The Gate. On that note, we now turn to a new image below of actress and martial artist Amy Johnston who stars in Madison's upcoming nine-minute proof pitch for the networks ahead of 2016.

Johnston plays Cassie Weston, an MMA champion whose celestial supernatural abilities and acts of vigilantism make her the target of a deadly Indonesian crime syndicate. Joining in the action are the EMC Monkeys and The Raid 2 co-star Cecep Arif Rahman, with fellow Indonesian martial arts stalwart, Yayan Ruhian joining in on the series to come.

The current plan is to introduce 50 seconds of footage from the proof pitch to help advance another 15-day crowdfunding campaign to help finish the process. It launches a few days from now, so don't forget to subscribe to the Facebook fan page for other updates, and feel free to check out other images HERE


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