Trailer: THE LONDON FIRM Pits Two Hitmen In A Deadly Game Of Survival!

Neil Horner's directorial debut is looking absolutely solid with his latest, The London Firm.

101 Films is releasing the new hitman thriller next week on DVD, iTunes and several VoD platforms in the UK, host to a great cast at hand with especially actor Vincent Reagan who had a recurring role a few seasons ago on the Cinemax series, Strike Back. His accent only adds even more meat to his tough and grisled performance here next to that of actor Seb Castang and with any luck this will make it stateside soon enough for fans of the UK crime genre.

Two killers, one contract, no rules. 
Two hitmen become the subject of a sadistic game after waking up in the back of a truck, where they discover they’ve been drugged and the man who contracted them has been brutally murdered. 
A mysterious female assassin attempts to play them against one another in what becomes a bloody tale of duplicity. As the action unfurls, the two men sink further and further into the seedy underworld.

Watch the trailer!


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