The New Teaser For WE ARE SOLDIER Teases With A Beating!

Roughly six months since the start of production, former serviceman and debut filmmaker Lee Asquith-Coe is finally on track with his new action thriller, We Are Soldier. Co-director Eric Kolelas leads the cast of the film which has quite a bit going for itself judging by its previous concept teaser, but its actor, co-star and fight choreographer Grant Steven who takes center stage in the brand new teaser now airing online as of this weekend.

Tyrone is a soldier, not any ordinary soldier, he is a Drone DT101-97, a criminal, a prisoner within his own mind programmed, to fight and kill the enemy by The British Army. His conscience void of human emotion, with his memories wiped he is completely unaware and under control of a "Handler" until he is damaged in battle. With Tyrone's integrated bio nano-technology offline he "wakes" to find himself in a war zone, fragmented memories flood his mind and with the odds stacked heavily against him and time running out before a full remote system reboot brings him back "Online". Tyrone must battle against not only the enemy but also his own country, whilst seeking redemption for his crimes.
The project is based on Asquith-Coe's script which earned a finalist entry in the Annual Creative World Awards 2013, and though the teaser is but a mere glimpse of what it entails, it's easy to see why there's such an interest to grow the script into something. This looks like a good thing going into next year and I look forward to screening it myself at the right time.

Check it out below.


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