SABAN'S POWER RANGERS Enlists Its Fifth Ranger In Becky G.!

Not too far off from last week's forth addition of R.J. Cyler, actress and singer Becky G. will be making her big screen debut in Saban's Power Rangers in the next few years. G. (a.k.a. Rebecca Marie Gomez) is segwaying from her career in television to movies which now suits her up as the Yellow Ranger for the film's January 13, 2017 release from director Dean Israelite.

The official title of the new film from Lionsgate and Saban Films was confirmed earlier this week in an exclusive report from Collider. The report also revealed the renaming of the all newcome cast of characters for the film based on the popular Ameritoku crossover series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers more than 20 years earlier, which centers on five teens summoned to defend Earth from evil with the help of powerful morphers that grant them special suits and designated abilities based on dinosaurs.

Dacre Montgomery will star as Callum Oliver, The Red Ranger whose morpher symbol takes on that of the Tyrannosaurus, dubbing him as team leader. The remainder of our list of heroes will feature actress Naomi Scott will star as Priya Patel, The Pink Ranger (Pterodactyl), R.J. Cyler as Brian Olson, The Blue Ranger (Triceratops), Monster Hunt co-star Ludi Lin as Oscar Fernandez, The Black Ranger (Mastodon), and the newly cast Gomez as Teyana Jones, (The Yellow Ranger (Sabretooth Tiger).

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are providing the script with Saban, Brian Casentini and Allison Shearmur producing.


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