Michelle Rodriguez Will Star As A Transgender Assassin In Walter Hill's TOMBOY

Courtesy Of Universal Pictures

I love Sigourney Weaver, so upon learning of her possible involvement a few months ago in action veteran Walter Hill's upcoming gender reassigment thriller, Tomboy, it pretty much amped me up for what lies ahead. Sure, Bullet To The Head didn't get a lot of love but it was fun to relax the brain to, and shows Hill still loves directing a meaty action film any day.

But then who is starring? Well, apart from THR's confirming report of Weaver opposite actress Frieda Pinto's departure, actress Michelle Rodriguez is officially headlining the film. Said Ben Said is producing the film for The Solution from Hill's script by way of story writer Denis Hammil, which focuses on a top hitman who sets out for revenge when he is subsequently betrayed and captured by "The Doctor" who gives him a sex change. 

The film is a perfect fit for Rodriguez who broke ground in her 2001 freshman indie boxing drama, Girlfight, directed by Karyn Kusama and the recipient of 15 film festival award wins and several more nominations. Nevertheless, among other franchises, fans may know her through her much more prominent reign opposite actor Vin Diesel in several appearances of the Fast & Furious franchise for Universal Picutures head of its upcoming 2017-designated eighth.

Rodriguez is both beauty and brawn and she she's got the talent to execute both on screen, so I'm ready to cheer her on with this.

Sidenote: If you haven't seen Girlfight, I probably dom't like you right now. See it, because I recommend it.


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