Li Bingbing To Circle Stan Lee's REALM In The New Superheroine Movie

Courtesy Of Lionsgate
It's been a few years since comic book father figure Stan Lee circled the idea of producing a superhero movie with a Chinese lead. At the time it was with Blackhat co-star Leehom Wang who was then-tapped for the lead role in Annihilator for Magic Storm, and of course, one wonders exactly what happened for it to fizzle over time.

At least now we know that Lee isn't too straying too far from the idea of an Asian superhero movie lead since then, now with whatever the case may be involving The Forbidden Kingdom, Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Zhong Kui co-star Li Bingbing in the new film, Realm with Predators scribe Alex Litvak writing the script based on Lee's original concept. "What a kick it has been to create our first Chinese female superhero, and an empowering one at that," said Lee in a new report from THR. "It has been such a fun experience bringing to life an international woman character, and the ability to do so has been different from anything we’ve ever done! I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it."

Plot details remain nil though Li, who is producing and starring separately in the upcoming 3D sci-fi adventure, Nest, is also producing Realm with producers from Stan Lee Global and Beijing-based Fundemental Films, and Fundemental's own Gary Glushon executive producing.

Stay tuned!


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