EXCLUSIVE: Cecep Arif Rahman Joins Kellie Madison's THE GATE

Things are finally underway for the now fully-funded production of The Tank helmer Kellie Madison's latest proof-of-concept, The Gate. Fight rehearsals are happening with cameras set to roll later this year with the project stemming from Madison's own affinity for action-packed storytelling and prolific appreciation for Indonesian martial arts and film lore.

Actress Amy Johnston leads the project in a starring role as an enchanted MMA fighter skilled in Pencak Silat whose tragic past forges her into vigilantism, an act that puts her in the throes of a deadly Indonesian crime organization that wants her dead. The project, with Johnston in the company of actor Yayan Ruhian and martial arts stunt team, EMC Monkeys, was announced at the top of last month, and though unfortunately Ruhian had some issues making it into the U.S. in time for the project.

Alas, that hasn't hindered the project in the very least with actor Cecep Arif Rahman officially joining the project. Rahman can be seen in the following Instagram post by Johnston with Madison and the crew during their first evening of rehearsal since his arrival last week.

"Cecep is amazing.", Madison says. "So talented... So humble, such a professional...I can't say enough! I am so blessed to be working with him!".

Rahman, a prolific martial artist, saw an electric start to his career last year in Gareth Huw Evans's The Raid 2 in the role of a Karambit-wielding assassin opposite Ruhian and lead actor Iko Uwais. Madison says Ruhian will still have a role in the following series where he'll play brother to Rahman's character.

Cecep is really cool, super nice dude. says EMC principle, Malay Kim. The language barrier makes it a little difficult to work fast but it gets easier once he shows the moves. [Pencak Silat] is definitely a different style that I've never touched upon but its really fun. You can't say you're screen fighter 'til you've tried it all! [laughs]"

Filming for the proof teaser begins next week, leading to a high month of momentum this November for Rahman whose latest role in Anggy Umbara's futuristic martial arts thriller, 3, premieres at the Los Angeles Indonesian Film Festival which is scheduled between November 8 and 12. Click here for more info on the festival, and click here to lend your support to The Gate today!


  1. Awesome news!!! I'm loving how "the Raid" cast is rejoining through various projects :) Exciting times for potential greatness!


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