ABUNAI DEKA: THE LONG GOODBYE Greets Fans With A Warm, Spectacular Teaser

Thirty years after reigning prominently on TV, the Abunai Deka franchise is making a ceremonious return to the big screen...depending on how you interpret the title. The film, Abunai Deka: The Long Goodbye is slated for next year with franchise familiar Murakawa Toru at the helm, and actors Tachi Hiroshi and Shibata Kohei reprising their roles as two detectives in the Kanagawa Prefecture by way of their unorthodox means.

The series garnered plenty of success in its history with games and spin-off series installments and the like, all which makes its January 30, 2016 release all the more worthwhile for fans fond of the show. That said, the latest teaser should serve as a lovely little, explosive walk down memory lane.

Asano Atsuko, Nakamura Toru, Kinomi Nana and Kobayashi Nenji also star.


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