Watch The First Thirteen Minutes Of Malay Action Comedy, POLIS EVO

Malaysian action returned to the fray this weekend as director Ghaz Abu Bakar's latest, Polis Evo, released in local cinemas on the 17th. Zizak Rizan and Shaheizy Sam take the lead in this latest odd couple cop action adventure which doesn't quite have an audience beyond its current market, and hopefully like with most films that will change.

For now, at least it's great to see such an inviting promotional campaign with Bakar at the helm for what looks like an exciting piece of film. For what it's worth, the first 13 minutes are online right now, and it's a good sampler to help introduce the precursor here for what lies ahead, offering murder mystery, a little slapstick, and some explosive action for good measure.

Big city cop is reluctantly paired with a small town cop in a mission to take down a drug lord. Things don't go down well for the duo until they realize that their loved ones may well be caught in the crossfire. 
Check out the footage below, kindly packaged with a trailer and the music video performed by Joe Flizzow and SonaOne titled 'Evo'.


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