MEN IN BLACK Is Getting A Trilogy Reboot At Sony

I don't know what to fully make of the Men In Black franchise as of late. I enjoyed the first two films dating back to 1998 and had fun with the animated series that followed, and I haven't yet seen the third film.

Nonetheless, the franchise is still a favorite among many with a story building off of a secret off-the-map agency tasked with mitigating in intergalactic affairs in order to monitor mankind's unknown co-existence with aliens, threatening or otherwise. Actor Will Smith starred in the film alongside Tommy Lee Jones and ultimately gave Smith's career a huge boost aside from Independence Day and Bad Boys at the time.

Since then, you may have heard a few murmurs dating back to the whole debacle at Sony pertaining to otherwise-discussed plans to somehow merge Men In Black with the current 21 Jumpstreet reboots between 2012 and last year. Those plans are nil as far as I know, but Men In Black still apparently has a calling for veteran producer duo Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are reportedly planning a reboot trilogy for Men In Black, according to a new interview at THR

"We're in the middle of it. It's very active." says Parkes, with MacDonald later adding "It will be reinvented as a trilogy."

Parkes also stated that Smith would most likely not be part of it, which makes sense in any case as it's a reboot. I suppose the question now is will we still see Agents J and K, or will other alphabets be offered to our new actors to lead the next story? Or better yet, will we still have Frank The Pug?

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