Fresh Wave Shorts 2015 Spotlight: Ng Siu-Lun's BLADE OF ENFORCER Looks Kick-Ass!

It's always nice to know that there are film festivals that willingly cater to the aspirations of filmmakers today. Such creatives like director Ng Siu-Lun certainly garner that attention as one of among 17 candidates for this year's open division of the Fresh Wave International Shorts Festival now in its 10th year with his latest endeavor, Blade Of Enforcer, serving quite a delight judging by its new trailer.

“Once clothed as an official, you represent law and justice.” This was taught to young detective Xian who worked under Detective “Silent Dog” Ao to catch mountain robbers. To everyone’s dismay, the robbers turned out to be detectives from neighbouring counties who were forced to rob the ruling county to save the poor. 
Through trickery and lies, Ao started a bloodbath to kill the robbers. Shaken to the core by Ao’s deceit, the originally naïve Xian abandoned his dreams to uphold righteous values. Not to be outdone, he ended up murdering the treacherous Ao for his own gains. With blades and blood, Xian was later hailed as a legendary detective.

Granted, this is just the kind of film one would have expected to be a feature-length release. It looks fantastic and takes on a might and mature tone with a sense of value that looks right up to par with many other sword dramas to date, and I certainly hope this puts Ng on the map after this.

You can probably learn more at the official festival site, but do check out the trailer. It's a minute long and worth every second the same as the vision of its director 1000 times over.


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