FANTASTIC FEST 2015: Superhero Comedy, THE GREEN GHOST Gets A Fresh New Poster

Splinter helmer Michael D. Olmos's new film, The Green Ghost, has been picking up some steam for a while now since its first teaser launched back in June. This weekend, the film is poised to present ten minutes of the film at Fantastic Fest while we currently await a full trailer, although the film's traction has guaranteed us our look at the first official poster art courtesy of Twitchfilm. Take a look!

The story of a car salesman who, as a child, was accidentally given superpowers from coming into contact with Aztec crystals and now has to overcome self-doubt in order to utilize those powers to fight off the fabled Lechusa, an Evil Titan of Industry and their gang of supercharged Aztec warriors, hell bent on using the crystals to bring back Montezuma.

Actor and car dealer Charlie Clark toplines the film in this latest perpetual move from a webseries to a full-fledged superhero action comedy that sees Chilean martial arts action star Marko Zaror (Undisputed 3: Redemption, Redeemer) as the villain to beat. Let's hope we get more material out from this film after today!


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