Atomic Fiction Announces VFX Work On STAR TREK BEYOND And DEADPOOL

None of us really have much of an inside look when it comes to most aspects of film, aside from what blogs and trade sites can offer, particularly when it comes to meticulous mid and post production work. So when a company like Atomic Fiction puts out an announcement on its efforts for films like next year's releases of Star Trek Beyond and Deadpool, it's certainly worth appreciating in that respect. Plus it lends the added benefit of learning who to credit for the stunning visual effects we see in film, as well as the action we see in part from the stunt professionals on hand, and these two titles are likely to guarantee plenty.
OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Atomic Fiction, an award-winning and internationally-based visual effects studio, has been tapped to deliver a large scope of work for some of the coming year’s most anticipated blockbusters. These projects signal the company’s Montreal office being fully armed, operational and seamlessly integrated with its creative team in California. 
Atomic Fiction is already ramping up on Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot and Skydance Media (Release date: July 22, 2016). The team is developing digital environments, digital set extension, digital stunt doubles, and effects animation. Star Trek Beyond is the latest film in the blockbuster Star Trek film franchise. Atomic Fiction previously worked on the Oscar-nominated Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). Directed by Justin Lin, this new film will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. 
Kevin Baillie, Atomic Fiction’s Co-Founder, shared, “The Star Trek series inspired many of our artists’ passion for visual effects. We feel extremely fortunate to be contributing to the evolution of that iconic world in such a significant way. We’re really excited to be expanding our already stellar teams for this fun, visually spectacular film.” 
Having wrapped work on Sony Pictures Entertainment’s The Walk (Release date: October 9, 2015), for which Atomic Fiction was the main vendor, the company is also in full swing with Deadpool, a 20th Century Fox production (Release date: February 12, 2016). Atomic’s artists are creating full character animation, intricate and robust digital environments, digital stunt doubles, and complex 3D compositing. Deadpool is a superhero movie based on Marvel’s comic book character. The film is directed by Tim Miller. 
Marc Sadeghi, Atomic Fiction’s President of Visual Effects, noted, “We couldn’t be happier to be working on this production with the FOX family and furthering what we believe is the beginning of a strong and fruitful relationship.” 
Added Ryan Tudhope, Atomic Fiction’s Co-Founder, “The caliber of these projects are a testament to the hard work of our teams in both Montreal and Oakland. In less than a year, we’ve successfully fused both studios and built a cohesive pipeline that supports our amazing talent across both locations. It’s this joining of forces that makes us most proud.”


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