A Champion Strikes Back In Muay Thai Biopic, MARD PAYAK. Watch The Trailer!

Muay Thai is always a great centerpiece for integral drama depending on the director's intentions. Here, director Norachai Kajchapanont's latest film, Mard Payak, looks to bring some extra perspective with an insightful biopictoral offering on Samart Payakarun, who himself is considered to be one of the greatest boxing and Muay Thai fighting champions of all time.

Even sporting a career in music and film to boot with appearances in films like The Legend Of Suriyothai, Dynamite Warrior and Muay Thai Chaiya, it's easy to see what the big fuss is about. So, clearly he's got a fanbase, as well as a hell of a story that is about ready to be seen, and following its opening premiere at the Bangkok Asean Film Festival last month, its now prepped to release this weekend in local Thai cinemas.

Check out a trailer below!

'Mard Payak: The Great Muay Thai Fighter' Trailer | 'มาดพยัคฆ์' from Pete Pithai Smithsuth on Vimeo.


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