'Blade' Fans Are Throwing A BLOODRAVE In Amsterdam This October!

Personally I've never been to a rave and nor would I have the time for anything like that. I can imagine they're all sorts of fun for anyone attending who enjoy mingling in a psychedelic ambience full of young people reveling in high-energy technomusic and what have you.

And then then blood comes raining down because of something they saw in a movie once... By "they", I mean the folks over in Amsterdam looking ahead to a 3-day Bloodrave event set for October 30, 2015. The event is attributed to the opening sequence in Stephen Norrington's 1998 Marvel action horror success, Blade, and I don't know if they're necessarily going to use real blood or some kind of red dye mixture or whatever.

However, according to Your EDM, the event hosts have acknowledged this particular inquiry, saying, "...It is pushing borders, but we want to see how far we can go...". And whatever happens, they're apparently going to the tune of 1,300 gallons of it.

I wonder if this will do any wonders for Wesley's Snipes hopeful reprisal of the role. Better yet, how badass would it be if he showed up in costume?... Now THAT party is something I would attend, even if I got the proper asskicking that came with it!

Go straight to the Facebook event page and show your thirst!... But do rememeber to party safely, and leave the stunts to the professionals!


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