Watch The Full Trailer For Choi's Espionage Thriller, ASSASSINATION

Director Choi Dong-hoon's newest period espionage thriller, Assassination, is poised for a limited U.S. release on August 7, 2015 as of a week ago. In the meantime, moviegoers at home in South Korea can look forward to catching this one close to one months from now on July 22, so it's high time we saw a full trailer which is finally online with Choi's enlistment of principles, including actress Gianna Jun and actors Lee Jung-JaeOh Dal-su, Ha Jung-Woo, Cho Jin-woong and Lee Kyoung-young.

Early 1900s Korea was under Japanese occupation and many Korean resistance activists were based in China, hiding from the Japanese authorities.The year 1933 in Shanghai, a command to covertly assassinate the Japanese Army’s commander is given to AHN Ok-yun, a top-notch sniper sentenced to death. For this task, YEM Sek-jin, an agent of the interim government extricates AHN Ok-yun and her comrades from the prison. But the grand plan is exposed to Japan by an internal spy and a hit man, Hawaii-Pistol is being hired to get rid of AHN. The assassination squad arrives in Korea without knowing hit-man's chase. Can she make the impossible mission completed?
No subtitles are available, but the new trailer is jam-packed with action, drama and moments of pure intensity that should keep your hype going. Check it out just below!


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