Kelly Russo Is The Worst Date Ever In The New Teaser For Assassin Thriller, CALL GIRL

Here's something thrilling to take a gander at. It's Nicholas Acosta latest directorial offering in the form of a seductive new thriller titled Call Girl, centered on actress Kelly Russo as an experienced assassin and the chaotic events that follow when she mistakenly takes out the wrong target.

You can pretty much guess what happens from there, and at any rate, the director himself already has quite a knack for combining some sexy storytelling with a good amount of thrills to boot, as per some of his previous work. That certainly qualifies Call Girl as something impressive, and future reviews will tell us how that will turn out.

Producer Golan Ramas wrote the script, and it's got a teaser trailer now to share that bodes quite well for the tone it takes. Check it out, and make note of a possible September release! Actress Hollie Shwarz and actor Sam Puefua also star.


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