Ready Or Not, The New Teaser Trailer For MISSON: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION Is Here!

The fuse is lit, and the first official teaser for this summer's Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is finally up and running. And yes, that is Tom Cruise, beating up baddies, dodging bullets, and hanging off buildings...and an Airbus A400. Yes, he hung outside of an airplane. He did that for real.

Simom Pegg also returns with Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner all reprising their slightly more expanded roles with actress Rebecca Ferguson now joining the team as Cruise beefs up to take down government corrupt suits while going toe-to-toe with "The Syndicate. Actors Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris also star for Jack Reacher helmer, director Christopher MacQuarrie who now offers his follow-up take on the $2 billion dollar success story that is this franchise based on the classic television series.

Drew Pearce and Will Staples wrote the script and for all intents and purposes, the title itself is pure kickass with epic footage to accommodate. Check it out below and mark your calendars for July 31 courtesy of Paramount!


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