Feel The Sting In The New Teaser For TENKU NO HACHI (BEES IN THE SKY)

Call it "Die Hard In A Nuclear Facility", if you will, but 20th Century Boys trilogy and Eight Ranger 1 & 2 helmer Tsutsumi Yukihiko's latest high-tech hostage thriller, Tenku no Hachi (Bee Of The Sky) looks sure to impress upon its release.

Based on Higashina Keigo's 1995 novel with a script by Kusuno Ichiro, the film centers on an aeronautics designer and a nuclear engineer who are taken to task when a mysterious fax is sent citywide from a hidden villain threatening to crash a remote helicopter and its passenger, a young girl held hostage, into the nuclear power plant it hovers over unless it is shut off in eight hours. Actors Motoki Masahiro and Rurouni Kenshin trilogy co-star Eiguchi Yosuke lead the cast of the film which is releasing in Japan on September 12 courtesy of Shochiku.

Watch the teaser below!


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