The 'Best Of The Best' Is Unveiled In The New Story Trailer For UNLUCKY STARS!

I don't always get quoted in trailers, but when I do, I consider it somewhat of a milestone achievement and it's always humbling. So as much as I ramble about movies, it's great to see the recognition, especially from debut director Dennis Ruel whose newly releasing film, Unlucky Stars, is taking off with plenty of high marks and praise from fans and critics alike. And surely enough with this film lending itself as an homage to the immortal legacy of the Hong Kong action comedy, a film like this undoubtely deserves a following, as well as all the support it can get from anyone who has ever loved kung fu cinema.

Alas, the film is currently set for an exclusive screening event on Thursday with a Q and A segment to be included with the cast and crew, so more information will definitely follow after this week as it readies a limited theatrical release. On that note, feel free to take a gander at the stylish new poster below along with a batch of new promotional character graphics from the film, and a brand new story trailer...and yes, that's Best Of The Best 1 and 2 co-star, legendary actor, martial artist and stunt coordinator Simon Rhee in case you were wondering. 

As for all else that came before and after my quote, you may read my review here.


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