Language Runs Afowl With Fisticuffs In New BTS Footage For GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS: UNDERGROUND

Director James Nunn's latest ode to hooligan vengeance in Green Street Hooligans: Underground is finally hitting North American shores on DVD following a limited theatrical release earlier this year. Action star and actor Scott Adkins portrays a former hooligan himself, now forced back in the fray to investigate his brother's death and unleash his own brand of old school bare-knuckle justice with co-stars Jack Doolan, Kacey Barnfield, Spencer Wilding and co-star/action director Joey Ansah rounding out the cast.

February 24 is the film's release and Movieweb recently hosted a small featurette included on this week's new DVD which you can now view below. In addition, and thanks to Ansah, you can now also catch an awesome pre-vizualized behind-the-scenes look at Adkins and the rest of the cast as they get into hooligan character for the unmitigated chaos that ensues throughout the film. Watch the madness and linguistic filth unleash in the players below!


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