Well Go USA Releases THE PIRATES On DVD And Blu-Ray!

There's a reason why director Lee Seok-Hoon's 2014 action comedy, The Pirates, became one of the biggest and best selling theatrical blockbusters of South Korea last summer. Of course, that reason is left open to interpretation with its mixture of reviews, but the film is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray wherever movies are sold, courtesy of our friends at Well Go USA.
On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, an unprecedented robbery shocks the nation-in-waiting: a whale has swallowed the Emperor's Royal Seal, and a bounty placed on its retrieval. Now, every infamous gang of thieves, thugs, pirates, and government agents take to the seas, battling the elements, creatures of the deep, and each other to possess the mother of all rewards.
Kim Nam-Gil, Son Ye-Jin, Yoo Hae-Jin and Lee Kyeong-Yeong star. Watch the home release trailer below!


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